non J.W girl involved with J.w BOY...HELP!!!

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    i dont think that they make all their rules from the bible they must has been re interpretated along the way somewhere am i right?

    exactly and they change constantly.

    Please make sure you read some of the links that were provided above. People who marry witnesses go through a life of hell. Your children will be taught you are doomed to die and are bad because you are not a JW

    oh and I would suspect they didn't let you in the house because if someone was drunk they would not want you to see that. The JWs are about "looking" good. They have to have an appearance all the time of being perfect. What outsiders see is always more important than what they do.

    Also to note the JWs have an odd incidence of alcoholism and mental disorders. Being a JW is a stressful way to live. Many people "cope" secretly by turning to alcohol.

    If his parents are already JWs then I would suspect he has been raised as one. His decision to become one officially should scare the heck out of you. He will then be bound to force his children to follow the JW rules. The kids pay a huge price for this - huge

  • Tez

    Its a case of not always being able to back their actions up with scriptures! I was JW for 22 years, I brought up 4 children to believe 'the truf'!!! The eldest ones, like me, walked away from it. However this wasn't before they had relationships and got real messed up over them! When you are a JW you are not allowed to have unchaperoned contact with anyone of the opposite sex, so many marry young to get free of this... BIG MISTAKE!!! This guy, in time, may realise how oppressive the life is, but it could take quite a while, and you don't want to be hurt along the way!

  • jgnat

    HERE's the "world's oldest literature", dating from before 2150 BC.

    The writings of Confucius came out over five hundred years before Jesus was born.

    Sanskrit literature started being recorded by 2000-1500 BC.

    The bible is made up of many different books of various ages. Here's a commentary trying to assign an age to the book of Job. This author suggests it would be a contemporary of the Sanskrit literature mentioned above.

    Many people use the bible as a guide for living or their religion but it is in no way the oldest.

    Besides, his behavior is not really bible-based if you dig in to it deep. He guides his actions by the Watchtower publications. Ask him, quick, which bible verses talks about a father not frustrating his children (Ephesians 6:4, Collosians 3:20). I bet he can't quote it. Ask him which Watchtower books cover the subject. The Watchtower society has only been around since the mid nineteenth century, so the OLDEST watchtower literature is only 150 years old. Besides that, the Watchtower society discourages members from researching anything older than twenty years old, as their doctrines to adjust over time.

  • miss_ellie

    mmmm my thoughts exactly....its all a load of S***!!!ive still alot to learn about the religion but this site is really i can explain all the strange behaviour!!!

    stil its only himself that can make it see it for what it really is!!!

    do they all marry young? i thought it was odd that his sister was married off at 19 could never imagine myself married now!!!!

    ellie x

  • jgnat

    Young or very old. Marry the young ones off quick before they fornicate. This leaves the lonely spinsters and rejected bachelors to roam the hallway at the convention for a suitable mate. A young girl switched Kingdom halls after her sweetheart (the only eligible male in her age range) made it clear he was not ready for marriage. As a JW girl has only a few years to snag a good one, the parents relocated.

    Whichever way you look at it, they are buffaloed.

  • miss_ellie

    i will see him next week am gonna suggest we have a serious talk bout the state of our relationship and the future / or lack of!!! an if that fails then al jus give him the push!!

    ellie x

  • wanderlustguy

    Wow...she listened!

  • miss_ellie

    yeh its all startin to make sense to me it really isnt a way to live at all!!! not goin to let this religion spoil my last 6 months as a teenager!!

    ellie x

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