Anti-Aging Update

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  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    Hey, Gill. I understand your point of view. I'm not into religion and I don't force my spiritual views on others (not since leaving the tower anyway).

    My thought is that if something can be done to preserve a life already in progress then it's a good thing. You never know when it could be you, me or one of our loved ones in need of some new lifesaving medical technology. That being said, although I empathize with invertile women/men, I still really don't like the fact that people create more embryos than they intend to use, leaving a potential life hanging in the balance. It's an ethical dilemma for sure.

    sweet tee

  • metatron

    Gill, I can understand that allowing the Governing Body to never grow old would be yet another test of Witness stupidity.

    "Now, even though science has found a way to make us live forever, things are still getting worse and worse"

    Of course, since Witnesses are highly skilled in maintaining a stupid frame of mind they would be able to accept this

    because they already swallowed " Armageddon is really, really, really really soon now" coming from an organization

    that's been saying that for 120 years.

    or note the stupidity inherent in forbidding investigating psychic phenomena because the Bible ( a book written by psychics

    apparently) says you shouldn't.

    Yes, Stupidity can be a real challenge ... but I know that most all Witnesses are up to the job.


  • rebel8
    that life is being created and the potential life of a human being is being 'used' to keep another person going. The life shouldn't have been created in the first place. IMHO

    Well I agree that an embryo should not be made simply to produce cells for another person. Is that really happening somewhere, or is this just a hypothetical debate? I've read extensively on stem cell usage in the US and am interested in getting that therapy myself. I've never heard of anyone creating an embryo just to harvest cells. The only thing I've heard of is using leftover embryos (if that's what you can call them at that stage in development) to harvest stem cells--embryos that would be discarded anyway.

  • Gill

    Metatron! the witnesses are certainly up to the challenge of out and out stupidity!

    Take last weeks conversation with my parents. We were discussing health in general and a few people they know have illnesses and my mum said, 'well we know these things have to happen. They're a sign of the end coming very soon that people are sicker and sicker and dying of these diseases'.

    I said ' People are living longer than ever before. Average life expectance for a woman now is 87 in the UK and 84 for a man. It's higher than ever before.'

    'No it's not! People are getting weaker and weaker as they get more imperfect,' my mum said.

    'No. They're getting healthier and living far longer,' I said

    'No! No! No!' she insisted.

    'It's true. People are living longer', my dad said, though shyly because I think he thought I was about to hit on my anti JW rant.

    'Hmm. Well I don't believe it!' my mum inisisted.

    If it goes contrary to any crap dished up by the WTBTS then it just can't possibly be right.

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