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  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I ran out of happy pills Sunday. So Monday I was feeling it. When CNN started discussing Peter Jennings, death from LUNG CANCER. I couldn't hold myself together. I wanted to post to everybody who smoked, to please, please stop. I held off, because I was so upset.

    I resumed my happy pills Monday night. (antidepressants) Today I felt better, but I still felt like I wanted to say something. Now Dana Reeve has been diagnosised with LUNG CANCER. Wife of Christopher Reeve. I now sit down, through tears, and I write.

    Peter Jennings smoked. Dana Reeve is a non-smoker. So yes I have heard it all before. Everyone has a grandfather or uncle that smoked and lived to be 99 years old. Or, look you might get it like Mrs. Reeve, and she never smoked.

    We all know smoking is bad. But while you smoke you won't face the facts. I think your mind is clouded by all of the smoke. Please, if you are a smoker, STOP!!! I know it is hard. There are many different methods, and meds that can help. Yes they do work. They worked for me 3 years ago. I smoked for 19 years. I don't want to hear any excuses. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR CONTINUEING SMOKING. The time to quit is NOW!!! Please?????


  • prophecor
  • Mecurious?

    Dana Reeve is a non-smoker


  • Sassy

    yeah, I read about Christopher's wife this morning..

    in the last cong I attended, one sister who never smoked in her life got lung cancer... she didn't make it.. I still miss her.. She was one of the nicest women in that cong.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I'm so sorry to hear about Dana. Peter Jennings too. I knew about him but not Dana.

    Hubby never smoked and he died from lung cancer also. It wasn't the lung cancer that killed him really, the cancer spread to the liver before we knew he had it and you just can't fight the cancer in the liver .

    They gave hubby chemo for the lung tumor and it was shrinking it. So his pain was relieved somewhat. But the liver tumors grew fast and furious.It really depends on what type of cancer it is as too how effective treatment will be.

    I hope all goes well for Dana..she has been through a lot.


  • Sunspot

    I hadn't heard about Dana Reeve! How terribly sad for their son. I was also shocked when I saw that Peter Jennings died too. Diagnosed in April and dead in August. It's all so frghtening.


  • horrible life
    horrible life

    bttt I work in the health field. I'm a Dental Hygienist. When I smoked, I couldn't bring myself to tell people not to smoke. Hell, they could probably smell it on me, even though I tried really hard to hide it.

    Now when I try to talk to patients, they just brush me off, or get really mad, and its the first time I have brought it up. I have quit trying to talk to them. Today I decided that I will resume my quest. I will tell my friends everytime I see them, and my patients to quit smoking. I may run everybody away, but they have to understand that I really do care. HL

    Prayers for Dana Reeve.

  • LittleToe

    There's nothing worse than an ex-something for having a downer on that which they once did themselves.

    Be it smoking or involvement with a cult...

  • katiekitten

    Im a non smoker and my partner is a born again non smoker (you know, someone who after quiting is WAY more intolerant of smokers!)

    Well, I tell my kids at school to go ahead and smoke because it puts 9 years on your genes and makes you look older than you are, and it kills the blood vessels in your face so you age much quicker. In this way, I tell 'em, I will be better looknig that you when you grow up even though you are much younger than me. So please smoke.

    The girls are mortified - losing their looks it seems is way more devastating than losing their health or even their life.

  • talesin

    When will people get it?

    Smokers are ADDICTS.

    Most of them want to quit, and keep trying ,,, it's probably the most addictive substance known to mankind.

    All you are doing is rubbing it in their faces. Don't you think they already know? *sigh*


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