Even if you don't believe in God, do you believe that spirits exist?

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  • sonnyboy
    Quite unconsciously, the participant is moving the hand enough to make the movement of the involved device occur

    Some may say that this is the whole point of putting your hands on the planchette. The spirits work through you, causing you to make these subtle movements.

    See, I have an answer for everything!

    I also hear that they can help you lose weight. http://www.spiritualcuriosity.com/curiosity/ouijafaq.htm

  • seattleniceguy


    I thought about doing a similar experiment in which dice would be blindly thrown into an open box and the board would be asked the outcome. I may try it later tonight and see what happens...if I can find another willing participant.

    Please do try this. But be very careful to do it as a double-blind study. If there is a chance that you or your co-operator know the dice results or have selective memories later, the results will be worthless. If you execute the test in the way I described earlier, you will have solid evidence if things appear to work.

    You suggest that if genuine, a plethora of knowledge could be obtained from the board. Who's to say that, if there are spirits amongst us, they'll be helpful in any way? Humouring the possibility that they exist, perhaps their only intent is to entertain themselves. I'm not even sure if they'd be willing to participate in the dice experiment. I've been doing a lot of reading on spirit boards, and most "experts" say that you shouldn't ask trivial questions.

    Well, this is certainly a convenient out. But at the same time, people claim to be able to get information regarding dead loved ones, etc, through the board, do they not? So apparently in those cases, the spirits seem willing to assist. If you're suggesting that there are nice spirits and mean spirits, then I could buy that. But in that case, it should happen at least part of the time that you would get the nice spirits who would be willing to entertain themselves by watching you do cartwheels around the room after you get the five numbers right.

    One thing that I haven't heard explained is if spirits ARE channeled through talking boards, why do we need to touch the planchette in order for it to move? If they're powerful enough to control my actions, or whatever they're supposed to be controlling, why not simply move the thing from letter to letter automatically?

    Exactly. That's one reason the spirit hypothesis doesn't add up for me. On the one hand, you're saying they can turn on record players and move ceiling fans. But on the other hand, they can't communicate without human assistance? It would be simple enough to communicate directly via the ceiling fan or radio. For example, they could switch the radio on and off like Morse code. I can think of a million ways to communicate reliably and clearly. But we don't observe that.

    Anyway, please let me know about the results of your experiment, and please do it correctly! You'll need three people! :-) Happy studies.


  • sonnyboy

    I'll post the results in this thread. I probably won't have three people in the house until this weekend.

    I found a funny thread on another board while searching for more info:


  • toreador

    I can hardly wait for the results. ;)


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