Even if you don't believe in God, do you believe that spirits exist?

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  • toreador

    I am beginning to doubt the supernatural but I still dont like the idea of playing with an ougi board...just in case.

  • rem

    >> You must be a Penn & Teller fan.

    >> I saw that episode of Bullshit, but they never explained why it didn't go off in all the rooms, all of which had electrical outlets.

    You've got to be kidding me. You are kidding, right?

    I saw that episode. In fact, I have it recorded. How do you get the idea that it didn't go off in all of the rooms? Nothing in the show suggested that. It looks like you are exaggerating a memory. If you are unconsciously exaggerating this mundane fact, how can you or anyone trust that you aren't exaggerating your other more extraordinary claims?


  • peacefulpete

    Every time I set my hammer down it miraculously appears in the other room!! I thought it was gnomes that moved my tools. Now I now the truth! It's dead people!

  • tetrapod.sapien

    "i see dead people" ...


  • Soledad
    The worst it can do is kill us. Then guess what, we get to be a ghost/spirit. Once we're there, why can't we find the spirit/demon that killed us and kick its ass in the spirit world?

  • logansrun

    It's funny how the most complex thing in the known universe, the human brain, is so easily capable of believing in bullshit. I recommend to anyone to peruse the number of skeptical websites on the web, especially www.skepdic.com. Check out Carl Sagan's "Demon Haunted World." Look through issues of Skeptical Inquirer and Skeptic magazine in the book store.

    I actually tried to believe in God, panpsychism, new age stuff, etc. in my post-JW days. The full weight of the naturalistic worldview with it's much better and more parsimonious explanations of so-called "supernatural" or "inexplicable" events was just too much for the shoddy and skanty evidence in favor of spiritualism etc.


  • Satanus

    This reminds me of the movie one flew over the coockoo's nest. When the guy's girlfriend gets on the bus full of loonies, she asks, 'Are ya'll crazy?' They just nod their heads.

    S head nodding class

  • VM44

    Someone posted here that their JW grandmother wouldn't let them watch a film of the Tacoma Narrows bridge disaster on TV because it was "the work of demons"!


  • EscapedLifer1

    Thanks Soledad,

    I was beginning to wonder if anyone caught my comment.

    Great emoticon, by the way!!


  • Leolaia

    Do some research on the ideomotor effect. It has been observed in situations not involving "spiritism" per se, such as facilitated communication with nonverbal autistic people. I saw a great video once that stabilized the keyboard and the patient's hand so that it was constantly in the center of the frame, and it was absolutely clear that it was the facilitator who was moving things; the subtle movements were not as apparent without this. Dowsing also involves an ideomotor effect; I saw this demonstrated on TV last night, and the unconscious movements are so subtle that the person performing it is usually unaware of his own input.

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