You might be a JW if....

by TowerWatch 19 Replies latest social humour

  • vitty


    You crack me up your sooooooofunny

  • vitty

    Your told not to judge or gossip, and you do anyway............

    All this about a 4 door car, its never been a big thing in the UK, is it just you americans that had that problem, cos if it is we wernt unified !!!!!!!!!!!

  • damselfly

    defd ~ I am confused as to why you belong to this board and post frequently. The majority of your comments are childish, rude, vindicative, mean spirited and designed to be hurtful. I understand that you consider yourself to be a Jehovah's Witness, I'm sure you will agree that the above qualities are not acceptable ones for a true, loving Witness to display?

    I am not saying that this board should be for ex-JW's only and I welcome comments and posts from everyone who belongs regardless of what their religious beliefs are or if they have any. It is very hard to take posters seriously if they repeat negative behaviour and hurtful comments over and over again. Your posts are getting you only negative attention is this what you craving? Please think about your reasons for being here and why you say what you say.


  • ButtLight
    You see a picture of yourself on the internet with you head digitally removed...............

    Admit it DEFD, your just jealous of my computer skills!

    If you never wore a two piece bathing suit!

  • prophecor
    prophecor suddenly realized, although, 25 miles from the Burger King you just got lunch at, the person at the drive-thru window gave you a dollar more change than you were supposed to have, you go back those 25 miles, just to return it.

    Is Honesty Ever Above and Beyond Reasonableness?

  • defd

    Admit it DEFD, your just jealous of my computer skills! ;

    If you never wore a two piece bathing suit!

    its all good.

  • TowerWatch

    If you feel like you wasted 35 years of your life you might be an EX-JW

  • shera

    Defd just reminds me why I'm glad not to be a jw anymore

  • slimboyfat

    If you are fed up reading all those "You might be a JW if..." threads on JWD...

  • prophecor

    ..... you can't resist, before all on-lookers, saying grace in a Burger King

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