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  • one
    but wasn't a good dancer either didn't get the time of the day from me

    LOL, ditto

    IMO dancing is the best aerobic, better than jogging or walking, not boring, good for the body, good for the mind.

    TG tomorrow is friday... see you there girls,

    dont worry i can handle more than one girl at once on the dancing floor...

  • chrissy

    love to dance but mainly in privacy of my own home... in public only if alcohol is avalable by the plenty. anyone that saw me dancing would never take me seriously again. ever. hehe.

  • stillajwexelder

    DY - Have you all heard that good dancers are also excellent lovers???!!! Well... IT'S TRUE!!! Like I said earlier in the thread DANCING - A VERTICAL EXPRESSION OF A HORIZONTAL DESIRE and then I said just an elaborate form of foreplay

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