What's your favorite classical music?

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  • Mecurious?

    All of bachs two part inventions along with the well tempered claiver

    All of chopins preludes and etudes

  • Mecurious?

    Double post

  • DanTheMan
    I have always had a soft spot for Beethoven's Sixth.

    Me too, the opening movement is wonderful. They used it as a backdrop for a portion of a Simpson's episode one time (of all places to hear it) but it fit so perfectly... :)

    Pepehuga, the piece you linked sounds familiar, I think I remember my dad listening to it when I was a kid.

    One classical piece that I've listened to but never "heard" is Claire de lune - there must be some genius there that strikes a lot of people but it hasn't me yet....

  • Mecurious?

    Heres a couple more:

    Bach Minuet in G from the little notebook

    Bach Prelude No.1 from the well tempered clavier

    Beethoven Fur Elise

    Beethoven Minuet in G

    Beethoven Moonlight Sonata

    Brahms Waltz in A flat Op.39, No.15

    Brahms Hungarian Dance No.5

    Brahms- Capriccio op76. no.1

    Chopin Prelude Op.28, No.7

    Daquin Le Coucou

    Debussy- Le Petit Negre

    Dvorak- Humoresque

    Diabelli Rondino

    Fibich Poem

    Grieg- Anitra's Dance

    Franck -The Doll's Complaint

    Handel- Largo

    Haydn -Gypsy Rondo

    Liszt- Liebestraum

    MacDowell -To A Wild Rose

    Mendelssohn -Venetian Boat Song Op. 19, No.6

    Mozart -Alla Turca (from Sonata K.331)

    Mozart -Sonata K. 545 (complete)

    Offenbach- Barcarolle

    Rameau La Tambourin

    Rimsky-Korsakov Song of India

    Tchaikovsky Italian Song Op.39, No.15

    Scriabin -Album Leaf Op. 45,No.1

    Schubert- Serenade

    Schubert- Moment Musical Op.94, No.3

    Schumann- The Happy Farmer (from the Album for the young)

    Schumann -Traumerei


  • Cognitive_Dissident

    Chopin - I'm in love with all of his etudes, preludes and nocturnes
    Mozart's Requiem
    The Rach 3
    Debussy and Liszt
    Erik Satie - gymnopedies 1-3 specifically
    and although he's not classical, I really like Autumn by George Winston
    and I've got a soft spot for the emotive qualities in solo cello, viola and violin

  • PaulJ

    I like Vivaldi's Four Seasons and the Turkish Waltz- but i forgot the composer.

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