you wiggle when you walk?

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  • daystar

    Heh, I knew a young JW sister who actually got in trouble with elders because she wiggled a bit too much. I never knew if it was on purpose or not... but then again, I really didn't care either.

  • DanTheMan
    it's more of a sway than a wiggle...

    Nothing wrong with swaying - an ex-gf of mine had big hips and she definitely swayed when she walked, I thought it was sexy as hell. As for the thread, yeah, I got to a community college where there's a lot of 20-something women and they all walk like guys.

  • JH

    My cat wiggles when she walks.....

  • Satanus

    Most girls/women have a wiggle. Some sway, some move the earth. Those w unmovable buns get no attention from me. I doubt it will ever go out of style w guys .... at least from my perspective. Too bad the wiggling on purpose fad was during my wt daze, when i tried really hard not to look

    S not dead yet

  • LittleToe

    By gawd, a wiggle is sexy as heck!!!

  • JH

    Wiggle Wiggle, reminds me of a song...

  • kls

    I thought this was going to be top wiggles but i guess that would be bounce. I don't think i do but i don't know.Guess i never thought about it.

  • MerryMagdalene

    I remember...waaaay back when I was just a fledgling "teen"...I was walking home from school one day and my mom drove up behind me and yelled out the window, "That's some swing you got in your back yard!"

    I was totally clueless at first...then when it finally sunk in what she was teasing me about, I was SO embarassed. I became totally selfconscious and couldn't walk naturally for months after that.

    Now I have no idea what I look like when I walk. Except when I'm feeling happy and carefree. Then I notice some of the old "swing" comes back.


  • talesin

    Yes! Actually, it's more of a 'strut'. lol, too funny, as I was thinking on my way home just now. It's a 'good' day for my feet, and I thought "I have my old walk back today, and it feels great."

    One time, my ex told me "I knew it was you coming down the road from way off, cause of your strut".


  • rebel8

    Read a book called "The Descent of Woman". It gives a very, very interesting theory of evolution, including the idea that women's wiggles correlate with their childbearing abilities.

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