you wiggle when you walk?

by vitty 64 Replies latest jw friends

  • Elsewhere

    Oh yeah! I like a bootie that moves!

  • MerryMagdalene

    Kinda reminds me...I used to wear Chantilly Lace......and a pretty face, and a ponytail hangin' down, and a wiggle inna walk and a giggle inna talk make the world go 'round...


  • Insomniac

    I've always tended toward plumpness, and I've always had me a badonkadonk. So, yeah, I've always wiggled to one degree or another. It's not on purpose, it's just what happens when a nice round tuckus is in motion.

    I just lost a bunch of weight since February, more rapidly than was good for me, but I'm happy to fit in smaller clothing. I asked my boo yesterday if he'd still love me when I had no ass. He started laughing, told me that no matter how much weight I lost, I'd still have a coupla nice biscuits to sit on; apparently, I lose weight everywhere but there. Which is good, because my honey loves to watch that wiggle.

  • lonelysheep

    Switch, sway...I guess that's what I'd call it.

  • misspeaches

    My b/f says I wiggle when I am wearing heels. He loves it so much he occasionally takes me shoe shopping to make sure I have ample supply of high heel shoes...!


  • zev

    i'm definatley a fan of the wiggle when you walk.

    us guys in the geerage explain it like "2 cats in a bag".


  • BrendaCloutier

    I used to wiggle, and sashay. But these days it's a painful limp and a lot of jiggling in all the wrong places.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Yes, what amazes me are all the different types of wiggle. Have you ever sat on a bench at the mall and watched? Truly amazing:

    jig: Slight bouncing motion with a little front to back action. Normally noticed on short coupled ladies and accentuated if wearing 'clunky' shoes.

    wiggle: Quicker gait, similar to watching a knob turning left and right, but with very little side to side motion. Almost like a washing machine agitator.

    Metronome; kind of a pendulum action with the waist acting as a pivot and the cheeks swaying back and forth with the entire region dipping in mid stride. Hypnotic really...

    bounce: this is the funniest and normally seen in the abundantly pontooned. One butt-cheek will tighten and lift and then it'll suddenly drop with a bounce while the other remains smooth. Then the other cheek takes a turn. This is a jaw dropping show if the lady has the chutzpah to wear spandex with a bootie like that.

    Did I miss any?


  • BrendaCloutier

    Jeanniebeanz, between you and Zev I think you pretty well have it covered! Or is that... uncovered?

  • zev


    thats some funny stuff.

    yeah, i have done the mall watch....your right.

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