My Mom Requests They Don't Announce Her Name If She Is Sick--- On Platform

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  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Since when do they visit sick people?

    I begged them to come see hubby when he was dying...they came twice in 5 months. and on the second visit they went the oldest and deafest brother they had.I guess that's all they could spare.

    They wasted no time in making a show at the hospital and telling off the Drs about NO BLOOD for Mr they were so concerned for their people...not! could be....

  • minimus

    My mother had a number of visits after she was removed as a pioneer but the elders feel like they're doing their job if they announce that a person is ill----like they care.

  • LongHairGal


    I'm glad your mom told them off. This is all about control, really. She went against one of their stupid edicts and so they are getting revenge on her by "demoting" her - which just goes to show you where everybody's head is at - hers as well as theirs! It's all about status and being noticed. Because if she wanted, she could just go out in service and do the hours without having the wonderful name of pioneer. Who the hell needs that name anyway?

    This is so stupid you could just laugh. I am sorry she got hurt by them but that's what it's all about.

  • LongHairGal


    I don't mean any offense against your mother. I just forget how it felt and how you were supposed to feel everything was a "privilege".

  • Thegoodgirl


    That is so great. She's finally thinking out of the box. I hope it turns out well, and I sure do wish the same would happen to my mom!!!


  • kls

    Seems like your mom just needs to be pushed just a little more by the jws before she see's the light.

  • Es

    wow, good on your mum, I cant believe they removed her as a pioneer for attending a wedding. I cant get my head around how its ok to attend a worldy wedding when both partners are worldy, like my folks quiet happily have gone to cousins weddings and yet they wont attend mine in Nov coz im marrying a "worldly" guy. Its pathetic. Hope your mum feels better soon es

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    How could they tell her to her face that on paper they lied to the society? Did the Society condone what the elders did? When did they start announcing the sick?

    How can anyone of the human race, deny you feelings for your loved ones? HL

  • bebu

    Here's to many more dinners out on meeting nights!


  • seven006

    The poor woman. Having to deal with the craziness of the watchtower cult is bad enough but throw the fact in that you are her son has to completely put her over the edge.

    Buy her some booze.


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