My Mom Requests They Don't Announce Her Name If She Is Sick--- On Platform

by minimus 45 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    My mother's so disillusioned by the elders, circuit overseer and Society for removing her as a pioneer for going to my daughter's wedding in which she married an "unbeliever", that she has told the elders NOT to even announce her name if they find out she's been sick or could use some welcomed calls. Nope! She just wants them to stay away from her as long as is possible. Why, she even went out for dinner with me on Thursday, rather than get "hooked up" by telephone to hear the meeting. When a couple of her friends asked why she wasn't on the telephone line, she told them she had something come up and was not going to discuss it. She still says she feelds like she was "spiritually raped" by the elders. She's still a believer but no longer strong.

  • luna2

    Whoa! Good for her, minimus! Not that I'm glad that she was hurt and disillusioned, but I can't help but be a little happy that her eyes are opening because of their bungling.

  • minimus

    She struggles with her mistreatment. Then I of course, agree. She would've NEVER missed a meeting to just go out to eat.

  • hubert

    Glad to hear that, too. I just hope your Mom doesn't get sick because of all the trouble the J.W.'s are causing her, but I know you'll be there to help her find the "truth".


  • prophecor

    Are you still active duty, min?

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Good on your Mum for not accepting that crap. It's unbelievable - Have the elders become the 'Collective Conscience' for all?

  • minimus

    I've been inactive for a few years now. I don't miss it even a little bit.

  • outnfree


    It's good you're there to pick up the pieces.

    It amazes me that the elders just don't get how the lack of love is hurting the flock.


  • tijkmo

    if she is sick on platform wouldnt everybody be able to see that anyway

    sorry bout her removal as pioneer...just curious..what was their justification for this..beyond your daughter marrying an unbeliever

  • minimus

    The elders feel they're doing something special by saying from the platform, "Sister Minimus is ill and can use a call or visit". Then in the next breath they'll ask the congregation if they might consider the "privilege of pioneering". Talk about putting salt in her wounds!

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