Sep 15th WT: At it again: WT says elements in the UN will attack religion

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  • observador

    Leolaia, well said. Observador.

  • Stress Free
    Stress Free

    Well I suppose they have to keep the expectation of the old timers going. In reality the majority of religions,

    except for the extremist, do more to promote peace & unity throughout the world today. The governments know

    that if they took religion away from the people then you would have worldwide kaos. It amazes me how the J dubs

    continue to swallow this crap. It reminds me of a C.O. vist we had about 3 years ago (my last), he went on and on about

    some "New Light" in that the UN was now the 8th king and that we no longer need to worry about who is the king of the north

    as this has now been fulfilled. A few months after this statement I was reading one of Rutherford's old books and guess what,

    Rutherford had already stated back in the early 1900's that the League of Nations was the 8th king!!!! So much for new light,

    but at the end of the day how many in the org would remember this statement from Rutherfords day?

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    And I guess the WTB&TS is now going to turn on their partner, much like they do to their own, huh?

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