Witnesses dont ask for help (ha ha)

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  • cbew

    It seems to me the Society has this all figured out. While each KH is owned by a separate corporation while the congregation exists the Society is insulated from any liabilities and legal responsibilities incurred by the congregation but as soon as the congregation dissolves the Society gets the proceeds of the sale. The mafia couldn't have done any better. What a scam and racket!

  • david_10

    It only makes sense that the Society is going to protect iself. I can't recall the details, but I do remember several years ago that, right here in Texas, an entire congregation defected from the WTS and they took the Kingdom Hall with them. The Society couldn't touch them and they used every legal maneuver they could. Does anyone remember the details on that? But you can bet that since that experience, the WTS lawyers have plugged the hole so it can't happen again.

    As far as elders stealing money, I don't think embezzlement is a common thing, but it does occur more often than you might realize. I personally know of 3 instances when elders took some money. The most flagrant incident happened when an unbaptized, yet "righteous- hearted" elderly man made a $10,000 donation to the Kingdom Hall to use in any way the elders saw fit. He gave the money to an elder who then put it in his own bank account. It just sit there and he didn't spend any of it. But he didn't tell anybody about it either. He kept it. The other elders found out about it several months later when the elderly benefactor mentioned in passing that he made a donation directly to Brother XXXXXXX. And the elders were, like: "What in the hell are you talking about??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Well, you better believe the shit hit the fan, big time. But you know what? The thieving elder wasn't removed or anything. He was the City Servant at the time, and you can't imagine what a smooth-tongued politician he was. Being best-friends with the Circut Overseer didn't hurt him, either. He claimed that he put the money in his own account because he got a better interest rate than the Kingdom Hall could. And he got away with it! But don't you know that he was just waiting for that old guy to die (which he did soon thereafter), and if nobody said anything, he was home free with the loot.

    Yes, Buffalos, it happens sometimes.


  • Zapper_1

    I've often thought that KH ownership was just another Watchtower racket, anyway.

  • TopHat

    What is the arrangment let's say in the Catholic religion for property and Church buildings?

    I am curious....how do other religions pay for their buildings? Is it the same as the WTS?

  • greendawn

    You don't often hear tricks as smart as this, people give you money and then you loan it to them with interest attached. And they say that the WTS is not a commercial organisation.

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