My Brush with Nuclear History

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    But, looking back, I realize that this was a significant piece of history, a place where people constructed a device that would kill 100,000 people, men, women, and children. This place is where the first atomic bomb rolled out to the death and horrible destruction of so many.

    That is nothing - Jehovahs angel killed 185,000 Assyrians in one night

  • stillajwexelder
  • SixofNine
    The man who had been Ambassador to Japan (I forget his name-it may have been Zacharias) and understood the Japanese Empire better than just about any other Westerner was for keeping the Emperor as figurehead, but his recommendations were also ignored.

    Just curious, why would you say this when my post that you are responding to gives you a long list of quotes from none other than Elias Zacharias?

    Also, you seem to be unaware that that particular recommendation was NOT ignored. The US did keep the Emporer as a figurehead. How do you think we effected surrender of people who worshipped the Emporer?

    It's ugly to think about, be we were lied to growing up. There was no good reason to use the bombs. Dwight Eisenhower knew the situation. Joe Sixpack does not.

  • Amazing1914

    Hi JWrobot,

    1914- Is your brother now retired?

    He left the spy business over two decades ago, during the cold war. He died of a heart attack about ten years ago. I mention him and his fascinating role with the JW Elders in my Exit Series that is hosted on Freeminds / exJW Net.

    Jim W.

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