There are no strangers here.

by Blueblades 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Blueblades
  • Blueblades

    Only friends you haven't met!

  • MerryMagdalene
  • HadEnuf

    No...just strange people.

    I feel more at home here than I ever did at a KH. I NEVER feel like I am being judged and for the most part...I have found the people here to be loving and caring and interested in your welfare; unlike many JW's I met in my life

  • JH

    I'm no stranger here with my 7000 posts.

    I bet that everyone even knows the color of my eyes

  • prophecor

    Won't you be my neighbor?

  • wanderlustguy

    But there are those of us that GET stranger...

  • anewme

    I'd like to say it again how happy I am to find this site! My self confidence is growing exponentially!!!!
    Reading the many posts has given voice to so many of my frustrations with the cult of Jehovahs Witnesses. I just did not know what was wrong. I only knew how unhappy I was growing day by day. And few outside of the organization can help you that much. This site is the key!
    Everyday I am practicing expressing my point of view, trying to be very honest. I am also allowing myself to joke a little and be silly and laugh. Believe me, (I dont have to tell you all), coming out of a mind controlling cult after being in it for years and years and years can leave you not knowing what you think or feel about anything!!! Its like you are starting new all over again!

    I thank you all sooooo much! I like the new me that is emerging. The posting back and forth makes me feel closer to you all like we are together even though we are far away from each other. Like someone else wrote I feel closer to you all than to the members of my old hall who did not discuss anything significant with each other. Why would we??? On pain of expulsion we could only discuss WT approved subjects and parrot only approved thoughts!!

  • prophecor

    A New Me, wait till you start to feel what normalcy is like, you'll wonder where you've been all your life, you'll be loving and shaking hands with yourself, and the hugs, the hugs are the best.........

    I feel an addiction coming on above my head, here..........

    welcome home A New You.................


  • Country_Woman

    true......... and more strange people coming up...

    and JH you do have beautifull blue eyes...........

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