My Sister.

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  • BrendaCloutier

    Be there. Tell her/show her you love her, no matter what. Take her out partying and be her designated driver. Let her broach the subject. She's coming to see you for a reason and not just a vacation from being a dub. She'll give you the opening when she's ready.

    Hug and love


  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Thanks for all the good advice everyone.I really want to introduce her to this board but I don't know if she's ready yet. I'm sure she will come around. She is very independent and wicked smart.

  • rebel8
    It would be good if you could draw her out subtly so that she asks you the questions. Even then don't say too much

    I agree with that. You could mention that--after leaving yourself, you've learned some seriously disturbing things about the org, then full stop and elaborate only if she asks. Even if she doesn't ask during her visit, it will be food for thought. I'd stay away from saying you left because of those same disturbing things, because she might think you're an apostate. Saying you found out this stuff later on is less threatening.

    As for a topic to have ready, the best thing I could come up with for you is the hypocrisy. At that age a person is still quite suspicious of authority, so the hypocrisy of the org JWs see as the highest authority might appeal to her.

    Examples on my site (with links to outside sources):


    tobacco profits

    military equip manufacturer stock ownership

    weakening of blood rules even tho people died for the old rules (how can an imperfect god have new light?)

    weakening of political neutrality rules even tho people died for it

    cover up of child abuse

    past support of hitler

  • confusedjw
    and wicked smart.

    Low-Key, did you spend time in the north east?

    'wicked smart' is NE phrase.

  • Es

    I would just be there for her, perhaps give her a gentle nudge but leave the final decision in her hands, that way she can never blame you for any decision made. Work on your brother\sis relationship, get to know each other and just enjoy the time. es

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