Precisely when in 1914 did the GT end???

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  • JCole

    You are correct that the ride of the 4 horsemen overlap, but the prophecy is clear:

    The White Horse is first out of the gate!!! Then comes Place, Show,...

  • Ben

    I think that perhaps you are confusing this with a literal horse race! . What's wrong with the explantion I gave? Show how it cannot be that way.

  • Lara Love
    Lara Love

    I just wanted to mention that J Cole is extemely annoying. Someone go get him a pacifier so that she/he will SHUT UP!

    People are trying to help you and you are beeing a rude little a**hole.

  • Gamaliel


    Someone did. He/She has been shut up now for nearly 3 years. This new version of the site makes it a bit easier for people to go back to older posts; you're not the first one to open a post that's been dead nearly 3 years.

    (And just in case you were interested in the question posed in the thread: The semi-official answer used to be that Satan started WWI on purpose just before Jesus came to power. Satan "jumped the gun" to fool us and try to throw off our confidence in the chronology.)



    It is the year when the signs of the endtime era became so obvious as predicted by the Bible that it was a triumphant time for Jesus .

    We could say Jesus came spiritually as his prediction were coming to pass .But this was not an actual coming of Jesus visible to his believers that is going to take place at his second coming .

    The date 1914 AD is an important phase in the endtime history and it is in favor of the International Bible Students and Jehovah's Witnesses as well.

    In the era of 1879 AD - 1884 AD - 1914 AD the true christianity was reborn .

    7 BC is reflected by the year 1879 AD, 2 BC by 1884 AD and 29 AD by 1914 AD .

    That time marked the beginning of the endtime era ,not the end of the world . The end of the world comes into view when the endtime era ends.

    We must have a period of 120 years taken into account in the likeness of Noah's time as per Matthew 24.37-39.

    So the first year to have the first prediction would be ..

    1879 AD + 120 years = 1999 AD.

    1884 AD + 120 years = 2004 AD .

    1914 AD + 120 years = 2034 AD.

    We must put all prediction dates from before 1999 AD at rest.

    Now we are living in the final phase of the endtime era.

    And it turns out with peculiar calculatuions that we may expect the end of the world in 2011 AD.

    11 AD + 2000 years = 2011 AD.

    11 AD is taken as the time when Jesus was teaching already in the Jerusalem Temple as a youngster.

    The frequency of the latest predictions betrays we must be winding up with the endtime era .

    I must admit I made failed predictions for the year 1999 AD,2000 AD,2001 AD,2004 AD,2005 AD and now have a prediction for 2011 AD which seems to be much better than my all past predictions and have a backup date which is the last possible prediction date : the year 2034 AD.

    1884 AD + 120 years from Genesis 6.3 + 7 years for 7 days from Genesis 7.1-4 = 2011 AD.

    Harold Camping who opposes Jehovah's Witnesses from has also the year 2011 AD and he is 100% sure Christ will return on May,21,2011 AD. He has got very good proofs based on date calculations.

    According to him anyone doubting his declaration on May,21,2011 will die in the period of 153 days of the Judgement Day that will end up on October,21,2011 AD. On that day God will destroy all the universe .

    Harold Campig has built a very competitive proclamation on May,21,2011 beating up Jehovah's Witnesses with these two 100% certain dates.

    He has no doubts at all concerning these two dates he is now proclaiming all over the world via radio ,internet.

  • Leolaia
    Harold Camping who opposes Jehovah's Witnesses from has also the year 2011 AD and he is 100% sure Christ will return on May,21,2011 AD. He has got very good proofs based on date calculations. According to him anyone doubting his declaration on May,21,2011 will die in the period of 153 days of the Judgement Day that will end up on October,21,2011 AD. On that day God will destroy all the universe.

    Cool. Doubt me and you're gonna die. Nice cult you picked out for yourself.

    And since you declare that it is 100% certain that this forum and the rest of the universe will not exist after October 21, 2001, will you not agree that you will NEVER post here again after that date?

  • PSacramento

    Wow, I guess when Jesus said that it is only GOD'S place to know the time of these things, he must have had Harold in mind.

  • Malachi Elijah
    Malachi Elijah

    The date of the astral impact to the Earth to the Yucatan is 2370bc Julian November 20

    as 7 days to pack the ark before the effects hit it. This date is proven by the birth of Arpaxad

    being marked by Venus saddling Mars in 2368bc April 4 as Noahs date 7-01 which is also

    the Mayan tzolkin date as well as verified then by the rise of Little Ararat on 2369bc July 8

    as 10-01 confirming that he was conceived in the ark on Mount Ararat on July 9 as the Armenian

    Era that it is. This is then further verified by the last day 40 being start of the Chinese day cycle

    of 60 days on Jan 6 (2369bc), and then further confirmed by the new year being 2370bc Oct 12 (G.Sep 22)

    as traditional creation of world on equinox. As year 600 and 1656am, the 360-day calendar then ends 6000 years as the new year of 6001 in the year 1914 on G.May 12. So the Gentile times are over, and Jesus sends his ambassador to Britain to get license. The date of the global license is not known, the Divine Purpose book merely sayd JUNE. Maya have moved the 360-day new year of Noah 20 days forward which is June 1.

    This means Russell's authority had right to declare end of Gentile Times as he did Sunday Oct 4. But war had already started with the shot on Aug 18 (?) as Revelation says the baby was born first and THEN Satan went to war in heaven, if it isnt reference to government war on earth but actual heaven, the fact remains the war in heaven starts war on earth. So the birth has already occurred before Oct 4 and before the August war.

    In 1996 i posted on the internet that this marriage license protects the British global bride of Jesus from being demolished as it protected it in 1914 having never been destroyed while its mother WatchTower had been. In 1996 nehemiah's wall went up, and my own desires insisted this must be Armageddon because the city wall between watchtower and temple can only be heaven and earth. Instead my declaration of that value of that license seems to have indiced the desire to abolish the license because now Britain recognizes USA corporations. So the death of the bride can now occur by Judas since no British license protects it even though Britain agreed with the Act of God of 1763 freezing and crushing the ships of the Dutch to give New Amsterdam to Britian and rename it as New York to declare that all religion in Britian and America will be free to worship God as God wants them to, or as any way all see he does. Thus a sanctuary to all the potential temples to protect the one true temple that would be born in that land in 1914. That city was then built on the 50th jubilee of every date from 537bc to 2008ad to the end of Nehemiah's rule and the presence of Malachi ending the Hebrew Christ predictions. The 50th jubilee spans 49 which is a week to build the city, and in 69 to70 jubilees as weeks which extend 1000 years beyond it. I qualify as Ezra in 1983 upon being given this restitution by Jehovah for JW crimes against me... though my heart would have rather buried the Hall in court, 20/20 hind-sight of having NOTHING the past 30 years of my life. I would never put Baptizer John's life on anyone. It has not been a pleasure, and I quote Jacob who died saying his life was burned and miserable not satisfied like Abram or Isaac. Eber their father died at the age of 464 when Isaac was 79. Lucky him. I doubt most of us wanna be get a qife at 84 like Jacob did when his twin Esau was 40 getting his.

  • Dune

    @Malachi Elijah


  • thetrueone

    1914 like any other dates created or established by the WTS. are all calculated frauds purposely devised as a selling vehicles

    for the WTS. own published literature.

    If you use the search engine on this web site on 1914, 607, 1925, 1975 you'll get the real truthful scope why they were derisive lies and

    maligning misinformation. Its always very important to keep in mind the WTS. is a publishing house, if the truth really means something to you.

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