Inner Peace

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  • Satanus

    Not really, as a constant. I used to feel like the classicist. But now, i don't worry too much about it. I feel inner peace often several times a day, but not every day. It depends on my environment; watching the sunset over water, working outside in pleasnat weather, tools close at hand. It's much better than when i was in the wt. Inner peace comes from within, not from a bible or magazine or elder.


    Ps, hey classist, ya joking? You're a smart kid, you'll make genius one day

  • the_classicist
    Ps, hey classist, ya joking? You're a smart kid, you'll make genius one day

    Well, I am the master of sarcasm. Sarcasm doesn't come out well on the internet, does it?

  • anewme

    Inner peace comes from accepting what is.
    Accepting yourself
    accepting others
    Forgiving yourself
    Forgiving others

    Inner peace comes from doing what you think is right.
    It comes from centering for yourself and taking care of yourself and doing what is good for yourself.

    Accepting sickness and death and not fearing it.

    Inner peace comes from knowing you spent many hours enjoying and appreciating this sweet life and giving thanks while you could.

    Inner peace comes from knowing you are a part of this great splendid universe!

  • peacefulpete

    I can honestly say that my life is pretty damn good. A loving beautiful wife, a few good friends, a peaceful small home on a lake, no burdensome debt, a relaxing job that manages to pay the bills, decent health, just finished restoring an old truck I liked, and a better understanding of the world than I ever before had. Inner peace is the feeling i get when i wake and just listen to the wind and look at my wife and am not afraid.

  • trevor

    Anewme has summed it all up - it’s all about letting go, accepting, taking time to enjoy.

    Peaceful Pete

    has cracked it but wives have a habit of telling their husbands to jump in the lake - so be careful.

    Do I have inner peace? I do When I step outside of myself and watch the world without judgement or predudice and let it all rush by. Then I know peace. It is a mistake to be too connected to this crazy world.

  • jgnat

    Can you hold water by clutching it?

    Can you stop rain from falling on your head?

    Inner peace can't be owned, I think, it comes.

  • poppers

    Your very nature IS peace - there is no gaining it. Dis-cover your true nature and you have dis-covered "inner" peace; you will find what was always here. Living life while unaware of your true nature subjects you to the whims of ego/mind and its conception of what "inner peace" is.

  • DanTheMan
    stick around and you will soon find out the answer for yourself. many hear claim they do but WOW if thats inner peace i want no part of it. is your belief that any day now BibleGod is going to kill every man woman and child that isn't a JW bringing you inner peace? If so....WOW...

  • blondie

    I think defd comes here because she/he doesn't have inner peace wherever he/she is now and thinks he/she will find it here on JWD where he/she feels superior to the posters here.

    If defd found inner peace at the KH or with the WTS, he/she would not be posting here.


  • LittleToe

    I made my peace a good while ago, including all the factors that anewme iterates. Life is better for it

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