Prayers for Outnfree

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  • prophecor
  • prophecor

    In light of what's to come, Brenda, wishing you all the best and more. Love, Peace and the Blessings from the Creator. We are all so very fragile, all of us, even I. Godbless You Brenda.

    Arthur & the Wife

  • prophesariah

    (((((((((( Brenda ))))))))))

    May the Good Shepard above lay his healing hand upon you and bring you relief from your pain and suffering. From the crown of your head to the tips of your toes, with special emphasis on your eyes, I pray for a return to normalcy. In the name of Christ Jesus, by His stripes may you be healed.

    God Bless!!!!!!!


  • talesin

    outnfree, I am with you! We are going to fight this and you will come through it.



  • orangefatcat

    It was wonderful to see you again. I do hope and pray all goes well with you. You are an amazing person and I am so glad we got to know one another alittle better when we were at the home of Lawrence for our apostofest.

    I had a wonderful time meeting you again and your daughter and Janet.(Kidney beans) I am so glad you arrived home safe and sound.

    I am praying that your cancer goes away. and your sight is restored.

    I am hoping that the sight thing is only temporary.

    Peace , love and blessings to you.

    all my love


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    ((((Brenda)))) Definitely with ya hon


    (((Outnfree))) - I'm confident you will beat this. There is no other way, and besides, after seeing you a week ago, I think you're still looking pretty damn good. I know the chemo is making you tired, but you've done very well. The support you have is incredible.

    I'll get a kick in the ass for this: but I think our 'new' haircuts look great.

    Jann (((Kidneybean))) is looking awesome as well. She went through quite an ordeal back in 2003. I've seen her 3X in three years, and she's looking excellent.

    Brenda. Well...anyone who has had the honour to meet you will not be disappointed. I wish I could talk with you more, but the time goes by quickly.

    It was great to share a meal with you, Jann, Lena and Walter. The food at Zorbas on the Danforth is incredible. Come to think of it, maybe that's the cure....yes it is: hummus from Zorbas. I'll have to bring that with me when I get back over to the Detroit area. That may happen sooner than you think. (If I get to Sarnia, ON. in the next couple of weeks)

    Sending always, positive thoughts and well wishes to an incredible woman: Brenda (Outnfree).

    She'll beat this!

  • prophecor

    It's about that time again everyone. Our prayer vigil for out and free occurs tomorrow. Just a mental note to self and everyone else. 7PM mountain, 8PM central, & 9PM eastern.


  • prophecor

    Again, if folks can merely 'think' of Outnfree at this time; anytime for that matter, it'll do the world of good.

    I'm more into projecting thought and discussion about the person. Brenda is my hot topic. I talk about her all the time, because I think she's da bomb!

    Many of us folks here in the Toronto area, have had the honour of meeting her. She's just...well...precious and valuable. Balanced and level-headed, the person you wish was running the U.N.. Really!

    Big hugs and positive thoughts/vibes to you Brenda.

    When I mention your name, I can say it with a smile.

    (((Outnfree))) xo,

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