Way back in time. Did anyone attend Assembly that Michael Jackson went to?

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    out of the box

    This would have been in the 70's. We had some of the cong go all the way to California to attend the same Assembly that they knew Michael Jackson would attend! When I made a comment about how they were going just to get a glimpse of him. That was not received too well. Oh well! He was talked about (by a few MS musicians) in our cong at that time like he was annointed or something! Too bad they didn't know about the 'little kid' thing back then!

    out of the box

  • blondie

    I did know someone who was in his circuit. The point they made was that Michael Jackson did not dress like he did on stage to go to the assembly but was dressed conservatively in a suit, white shirt, etc. But I did see JWs with the glove and looking like MJ clones at the assemblies I attended in the early to mid 80's.

  • rebel8

    Some JWs are saying Prince was at their most recent District Convention, wearing gold heels and accompanied by body guards.

  • riotgirlpeeps

    Don't know about Michael Jackson, but Prince does attend assemblies, don't know how many he has been to. He is always surrounded by Body Guards. His wife attends with him. One assembly a number of years back when he first started to study he was at my DC one day. It was funny cause everyone almost kept doing the whole gawker thing. He was dressed in his typical velvet style (so I wouldn't be surprised if he did show in gold heels) though his wife had on a normal JW approved floral dress. They hustled him in after the session started when less people are out and they were dropped off at the back door by a limo. Let's not even go into what he has in his house at Paisley Park that's JW related. LOL. I presently hear lots of the "Prince" news because a coworker goes to the cong that he often attends.

    And Prince studied with Sly, from Sly and the Family Stone. Sly and his wife are very active JW's who are often on the stage giving experiences.

  • DelTheFunkyHomosapien

    Sly. Rambo you have got to be shitting me. Photos please. No P.S.

  • DazedAndConfused

    I remember in the mid-70's Michael was supposed to be booked in our town for a concert. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fervor it caused in the congregation. This was before Thriller. Wouldn't you know it....the elders did damage control and made all of us teenagers feel bad for liking him and his music. And WORSE than that, the shit didn't even come to the hall!!! LMAO

  • blondie


    And Prince studied with Sly, from Sly and the Family Stone. Sly and his wife are very active JW's who are often on the stage giving experiences.

    Actually, he studied with Larry Graham who was a member of Sly and the Family Stone who goes to the same congregation.


    Graham's story appears here:

    2/22/1989 Awake p. 12 I Found ‘One in a Million’
  • fahrvegnugen
    And Prince studied with Sly, from Sly and the Family Stone

    I thought he studied with Larry Graham--the bass player for Sly and the Family Stone. I know Larry is a JW, his life story was in Awake! back in the 80s I think.

  • riotgirlpeeps

    I stand corrected on who studied with him, but all of them including Prince are at least semi active jws. This last year the memorial was held at Paisley Park.

  • 144001

    I was in Michael Jackson's circuit and remember his presence at the assemblies well. He had an entourage of about 20 yes men and women who would follow him around the assembly hall in Woodland Hills, CA (that assembly hall was recently sold for $20 million). So much for the admonitions against idolatry, right? I also remember a flood of new witnesses arriving to kiss his color-changing ass. The bottom line is, the Society loved Michael's contributions in the form of money and new victims he attracted to their control. Evidently, they were afraid that disfellowshipping this gold mine might hurt the fund balance, so they gave him "public reproof" to keep his potentially competing power under control.

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