Typical "paradise earth" speech

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  • ezekiel3

    defd says: please i dont not want ot talk to any apostates or disfellowshipped people...Only faithful witness in good standing id talk to. And i will know whos who in a matter of time


  • Legolas


    Could you please tell me where you got the above wt stuff? What book, etc.... thanks. They sure look like 'canned' responses to me! and husband says there are no canned responses! thanks so much, carla

    I got them from the Kingdom Ministries that we get once a month. 'Canned responsed' oh we have a lot of those!!! lol if you need more info just ask.

  • DelTheFunkyHomosapien


    Nice chucky cheese example

    So what happens when the parents get 'new light' on 'chucky cheese' and the 'weekend'? Is it 'sorry kids did we say Chucky Cheese this weekend you must have misheard, what we actually said was baked beans sometime in the future, possibly, maybe, we think'?

    Flame on knob jockey

  • Evanescence
    All you need to do is go to the bible on the matter. God speaks vividly about the paradise earth. Id say he gives the best "speech" "talk" on the subject.

    Defd, I do read the bible, in fact i'm called a bible nerd at school!

    I don't see "paradise Earth" mentioned anywhere in the bible, I'm sorry I guess i am not good at interpretating the bible, I need the Watchtower to interpretate it for me! Or go to a "bible" study and get help in understanding it, cause I sure need help in finding where in the bible Paradise earth is mentioned.

    Don't get upset, I just don't understand, anyone can take scriptures, put them out of context and put their own writing to it. If even says somewhere in the bible I think that you are to be careful because even evil can use the scriptures to do their own will. When i read the bible I make sure I read the whole chapter or section I don't read one line, sometimes I do, then when I read the whole paragraph I understand more on that one line.

    Well enough about that, this thread was asking for a brief paradise earth speech, not to lenthy I don't want half of my oral presentation to be about paradise earth, I just want the paradise earth to be the intro of my speech as I introduce the topic if you know what I mean.

    Defd, your a Jehovah's Witness! Can you give me a speech on paradise earth!!! just a brief one I will limit you to 100 words! (jw's are known to blabber on about this topic)

    Defd, you don't need to try and prove that there is a Paradise Earth, I made this thread just asking for a jw speech on paradise earth.

    Christians learn that its not material items that are important, you don't find true happieness by owning a nice driveway or a huge backyard!

    We shouldn't worry about material needs, the watchtower forgets that when they mention a paradise earth, the most important thing is a loving relationship with God/jesus not pet lions.


  • Evanescence
    You better not give the speech Danny gave you. It looks so convincing, you might convert the whole class!!!


    I be they will fall asleep half way through the speech!

    I can imagine them as jw's! lol them all sitting in the Kingdom hall aiming their spitballs at the speaker (maybe aim for his mouth lol)

    My english teacher can't control the class, so it would be a wonder if they would listen!!! but if its on jehovah's Witnesses, they might get a bit interested eversince we all have had an experiance with them coming to our door (not mine though )

    I read on the Watchtowers description of paradise earth, that Danny posted, I was like ---> what are they on about?????


  • tijkmo
    I can't be bothered reading all that!

    so you ask for help in doing your school assignment

    and thats your reply

  • Evanescence

    T, I read it all in the end, I was tired last night when I said that lol! all i wanted was a typical speech on Paradise Earth that Jehovah's witnesses give.


  • Evanescence

    Thankyou all very much for your help I am a bit of a nerd lol! so I like to have my speeches well structured as you can see that one of my interests/hobbies is public speaking!


  • DannyBloem

    one of my interests/hobbies is public speaking!

    One more reason not to become a JW. As woman do not have much right on public speaking in the KH

  • Evanescence
    One more reason not to become a JW. As woman do not have much right on public speaking in the KH


    I figured that no one can put you in that position unless they let you, so as a girl i would walk in and will not let anyone push me around, I am a strong defender of womens rights! IF they don't like it then that is just too bad!

    Sigh I love giving speeches, I can stand up there and talk for ever! lol I am generally a quiet person but that is a completly different story when it comes to public speaking and debating

    Well if its true that the Jehovah's Witnesses abuse childrens and womens rights then there is no way i will join, not an Armageddon or Paradise earth will work on me!

    I am happy with my faith so I ain't gonna convert!


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