Do you purposly annoy,,,,,,,,,

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  • Finally-Free

    My ex used to deliberately do things to annoy or upset me. That's why she's my ex.


  • Crumpet

    I don't do anything deliberately to annoy my boyfriend. I have to say gently feral - I like your style and that retort - Vietnamese sex work - was just classic!

    My boyfriend does everything to annoy me - here are my pet hates:

    never washing up after a meal

    leaving his dirty plate at the table for me to clear up

    answering the phone whilst we're in the middle of dinner or I am serving up and then chatting for ages whilst the carefully prepared food congeals on the plate

    always being late and often not ringing to say he's goign to be late - ie the other week he told me he'd meet me in the pub in 10 minutes - nearly 2 hours later I was still waiting and he didn't even return my calls

    leaving wet towels all over the floor

    leaving all the wardrobe doors open when he takes something out so that I bump into them

    refusing to use any of the wallets I have bought for him and then having a major stress every week when he loses one of his credit cards because he just puts them down any old place and then can't find them.

    well i could go on and on ...

  • anewme

    No. I am on my second marriage and have found Mr. Right...he put up with my post df weeping for 3 years and has been a real he is a gorgeous 15 years my junior.

    No, dont think I'm going to push his buttons on purpose.

    He has definite likes and dislikes and ways of doing the smallest thing. I keep my tongue and try to be the good sweet pretty wifey to keep this man adoring me.

    I know I dont like to be teased, so I try not to annoy when I learn what I am doing is annoying.

    Plus, I might add the fact that he is very careful not to annoy me, so we both are polite to each other.

  • lisavegas420

    I asked my husband if I did anything to annoy him....he laughed at me and said he would not say as that would be giving me ammunition.....


  • Sassy

    I never do something to personally annoy..

    however my bf admitted sometimes he stays up even longer than he wants to .. just to make me more miserable cuz he knows I don't get to sleep till he comes to bed..

    and it bugs him..

  • stillajwexelder

    drive above the speed limit

  • Dan-O

    "I never do something to personally annoy.."

    God bless ya, Sass.

    Mrs. O actually admitted to an intentional annoyance today. When she empties a carton of half-and-half, she rinses & then turns the box upside down in the sink to drain. She does NOT squsch the empty box & throw it in the garbage. And she does this JUST to annoy me. God forbid that I should walk into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and find a carton of half-and-half in the fridge PLUS empty space in the sink.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I eat Crabby Pants' food he buys every chance I get now and I'm not ashamed of it. You see nothing of mine is ever considered private or off limits to him. I've even caught him going through my wallet. I can't tell yall the thousands I've spent making delicious meals for him, at no cost to him. How am I repaid? Even if I buy HIM his own 1/2 gallon of ice cream, when I try to get myself a scoop or two, he has hit MY carton first to make sure he gets all that he feels he deserves. I should feel fortunate to get one serving left to me. And that's just one small example. He calls me "bitch" both to my face and in front of others AND behind my back, while his second wife is the one that "cleaned his clock" re: finances and left him sitting in an assisted living center in California. And he has cussed me out prolifically and repeatedly for merely doing things for him, so ya know what? I'm gonna gobble and slurp up everything he brings into the house. And I'm not lifting a finger any more to make his life more comfortable. I know it irritates him. He now has a valid excuse to call me bitch. I guess because he's been labelled as having an anxiety complex his behavior is perfectly allright to some. Well, they aren't on the receiving end of this shtick. I haven't "taken" him as some might think. I've actually been paid for doing these things by appreciative people while serving as a "live-in." And don't get the silly idea that I've ever asked him for payment. I offered my services gratis. I'm such a guppy! Noel

  • sonnyboy

    Since I do all the shopping, cleaning, cooking, and pet care in my house (yes, I'm male), I annoy my lazy brother every chance I get:

    Whenever I come home with leftover pizza, I take a few bites out of each slice so he won't touch it.

    I'll leave about 1/4 cup of milk in the bottom of the carton and watch him attempt to make a bowl of cereal.

    When I go on a cleaning strike, I pile all the dirty dishes on his side of the counter and hide the few clean ones so he has to wash something.

    I'll leave the kitchen faucet partially on so the dripping drives him nuts.

    I'll tell the dog, "Tell Kevin you want a Puppy Drumstick" so he'll jump on him until he has to get up and get him one.

    I'll leave about 4 sheets of toilet paper on the roll so it'll run out when he needs it the most.

    Etc., etc.

  • kls

    SonnyBoy , well this post was actually meant to be fun annoying thing, but i have read your post on the problems you have with your bro living with you ,so he deserve all the annoying things you can dish out

    Thanks all for your replys and i just knew i wasn't the only annoying person

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