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  • arwen

    I have a friend that is a pioneer and lives in another province. She calls quite a bit early in the morning to chat, always says to say hi to my husband and children who are not baptized. I am baptized and I was wondering if she could count her time talking to me. She always brings up spiritul matters in our conversations and I have just told her about the UN/NGO issue.

  • luna2

    I'd imagine that if she feels that you are falling away that she might be counting the time spent "encouraging" you. Don't know for sure as there are as many opinions on what time can/should be counted as there are JW's.

  • kwintestal

    I wouldn't doubt if she counts it as time, just as I'm sure elders choose to use sheparding calls as a means of FS.


  • Finally-Free

    Hell Yeah! They use any excuse to count time. One elderly sister™ invited a bunch of us to come to her home for lunch one day after service™. After we left, a bethelite™ with us pronounced loudly that he was counting his time because we were encouraging™ her by going there.


  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    are you inactive? if so, she can count time + balls. if not, i'm 97% sure she can't legally count her time talking to you.

    bethel minute

  • arwen

    yes, I have been inactive for a few months. now. Sometimes we talk for an hour or more.

  • TooOpinionated

    You said you just told her about the UN/NGO affair. What comments did she have to this?

  • arwen

    she didn't believe it at all first,,,she said the documents were altered on line and it was all lies because that would never happen...then I mailed her all the printouts from the UN and Watchtwoer sites and I told her to take them to Georgtown and find out for sure....Well, she phone Bethel and they told her to phone the service dept and she did and a "wonderful brother" told her that yes, it was true but a mistake that they realized and they got she took that for the "gospel"...I told her I was still researching it and was going to find out what the Criteria and the Charter of the UN meant. I told her I was disgusted with the hypocrsy and I was done with the WBTS.

  • Honesty

    Field Service Reports are always inflated to make the publisher look 'spiritual'. So, she's nuts if she don't count the time she spends on the phone with you.

    I told her I was disgusted with the hypocrsy and I was done with the WBTS.

    I get the distinct feeling you are about to be invited to a 3 member panel of interrogators that will make the Spanish Inquisition look like a Girl Scout Meeting.

  • TooOpinionated

    Yes, I have to agree with Honesty on this one. The elders will smell blood after this. Just remember, they are only Keystone Cops and have no real authority. Unless they are carrying a badge, you don't have to answer any more questions unless you want to.

    Just the fact that the Tower was affiliated with the UN was what finally made my husband leave. He didn't care at that point about their excuses-if it was God's sole channel on earth they wouldn't have made the mistake in the first place. He, though, wouldn't do the research. I had to, so I kept digging until I found the proof of their lies. There is a copy of the letter the UN wrote to counteract all the inquiries, and in it they wrote that their requirements have never changed and that they have never "tricked" anyone. It is somewhere in the "Best Of" files here. I sent a copy of that letter in to my elders after our "invitation" to our JC. I wasn't going to let them get away with excuses. I figured even if they said it was all contrived, it might make someone take notice and check things out for themselves.

    Keep us posted.

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