Counting time....what really counts

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  • Elsewhere

    lmao! I bet she calls you first thing in the morning to "start her time". She then rolls out of bed, gets ready, drives to the KH for the FS meeting then drives out to the territory. By the time she actually knocks on her first door she will have already gotten 1 or 2 hours for her time sheet, simply by giving you a frindly call in the morning.

  • wannaexit
    yes, I have been inactive for a few months


    Yes, she is probably counting time.

    Probably the elders have made you her assignment and therefore she is counting time.


  • googlemagoogle

    "everything counts in large amounts"

    witnesses count everything and more. our service overseer used to quickly leave a tract somewhere before the meeting, so he "started service". then he sat in the meeting and made another call after it... he counted all the time.

    same thing when going to some remote village. place a tract somewhere, then drive for an hour, walk for a while, place a mag, walk back, drive home, make a call, write 3 hours.

  • xjwms

    I think she is counting time

    its early, and a beginning to the day.

    I remember pioneers counting time shopping.

  • Finally-Free
    I remember pioneers counting time shopping.

    I did that, particularly when I was shopping for suits or other JW paraphernalia. I counted my time in the barber shop too.


  • arwen

    I received a "to encourage you" card from her today..she wants me to come and visit her and she will take me to talk to the brothers in Georgetown and she is going to research the UN thing too. I hope she finds all the things that I have found. I am going to mail her some more information from the web as she doesn't go on line...her pioneer husband does. What else could I send her to make an impact?

  • Finally-Free

    You could show her this change in the Jan 1 1989 Watchtower. I can show the original Watchtower if she doesn't trust things downloaded from the internet. PM me if this is the case.

    Talking to the brothers in Georgetown about the UN thing would almost certainly mean disfellowshipping.


  • bronzefist

    Next time you talk to your pioneer friend just ask her if she's counting her time. I would imagine she is.
    I encourage anyone talking to me to count their time. That's less time they will be bothering others.
    IMO you can't be DF'd for knowing about the U.N. fiasco. They admit their involvement.
    Just don't question the authority of the FDS to sit on their throne and you should be fine

  • juni


    Your friend, FRENCH GIRL lol P.S. Count your time with me too! For anyone who is stilll filling out a Field Service Slip. ------ Juni

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Legalistically she cannot count time spent encouraging you unless it is in the Bible Study Format assigned by the body of elders and then only an hour a month tops, total.

    Your calls are probably meant to kick start her day and heaven forbid, maybe she cares about you? Now, talking to the unbaptized fam? Its all GRAVY!!!!!!

    Good move bringing up the NGO hoodydoo.


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