Man finds a suitcase with $80,000 in and returns it

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  • Dimples

    Sure does look good doesn't it? But I would feel guilty keeping it, so I would have to do the right thing and return it.


  • Leolaia

    In my first trip to New York City, I lost my ATM card. I also lost my camera. Twice. First time was leaving it in the airport shuttle coming in, and the second time was in a restaurant near the hotel. I got the camera back both times. The second time was just an hour before I was going to head to the airport. As I went back into the hotel after salvaging my camera for the second time, I spied a $20 on the ground just behind a valet. I picked it up and asked him if it was his money. He shook his head, and being the painfully honest person, I put it right back on the ground where it was. Doh! Anyway, the next shuttle came to take me to the airport and I paid the fare, not realizing that I just paid out the last of my money. Halfway during my flight home, the realization hit me all of a sudden and I nearly leaped out of seat. My seatmate, a woman who said that she had a wife (which confused me a split second), asked me what was wrong. I told her I had lost my ATM card and had no money and I had no way of getting home from the airport. And, I went on, I had found by luck a $20 bill which would have saved me, but I declined this needed windfall. She told me I should be rewarded for my honesty and proceeded to give me another $20. I asked her for her address so I could repay her, and she said to consider it a random act of kindness.

    Well, I now carry a little bit more money in my wallet as a reserve now, just in case of such emergencies in the future....

  • foreword

    man finds a suitcase with 80000 and returns it....


  • Leolaia

    foreward....Or filled with IOUs, like in Dumb and Dumber. "Every single cent is accounted for"....

  • foreword

    IOU's...LOL...I have to remember that if I ever find one. Dumb and dumber...sure I can play the part

  • observador

    Leolaia, what a story you have, hummn? So, you found a $20 bill and put it back right where it was? Oh boy... Me thinks you've lost more cameras than I've lost umbrellas.

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