Jehovah's Witnesses: How Their Subculture is Fading Away.

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    I remember the days when we had an orchestra at the assembly. We would get together on a Sunday evening prior to the assembly and practice. Since we were all accomplished musicians, it took only one session. But the Society improved their electronic tapes, and suddenly the circuit overseer decided that it took much of our time practicing and we would go electronic. I miss those times. It was a lot of fun and we formed a lot of friendships that have disappeared.

    Same thing at the Kingdom Hall. I do know of one KH that still has a piano, and a sister plays sometimes. Seems like there is less incentive for the children to learn music.

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    One of the many reasons I left is because it's just a joyless religion that tries to impose a joyless existence on its adherents. It is no wonder that so many are leading double lives. All of the 'simplification' just goes to show that the GB are not conscious of basic human social needs. For me it takes a whole lot more than selling the botchtower and asleep to give my life a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

  • Sunspot

    Great topic, Met, and great comments from the posters, (for the most part!) Yes, the social aspect has certainly given way to a supposedly sleeker and more streamlined business. I too recall peeling potatoes for the meals, and the doing of things as a family. This feeling of camraderie and brotherhood was so prevalent and it took the sting out of not having the understanding and support of our blood relatives.

    Then when the WTS did away , bit by bit, with all what we considered as "perks", it has now left a cold and sterile environment in which to center one's life. Now with the advent of the information highway that has entered into the world and into the lives of the JWs, it has changed the way things are done and printed!

    The only thing it has "going" for the WTS is the not so subtle claims that they are the only religion that is approved by God, and that they roam the earth telling others that they will die if they don't become a JW. (Of course the amassing of billions of dollars worth of prime Real Estate is a perk, but the R/F JWs don't have any share in that) It is not the most appealing message to be publishing!


  • Mary
    Somewhere in this process, wiser men would have reasoned that 'we can't expect people to be 'separate from the world' without building an infrastructure to support that separateness

    Bingo. When I was a youth in school, I was so depressed all the time because I was "different". Kids don't give a shit about something being "pagan"----all you see is that you're not allowed to participate in many things that make school life enjoyable: birthdays, carving pumpkins at Hallowe'en, making your own Christmas cards and handing them out to your classmates and your favourite teachers, giving out Valentine cards, participating in school plays, being on any sports team after school----all forbidden because of a bunch of cranky old screwed up senile old goats want you to be "separate" from the world. I asked an elder once why they don't just build their own schools---that way, it wouldn't be so hard on young ones. The bottom line was: the GB doesn't give a crap if you're unhappy, or if their stupid rules contribute to your depression and low self-esteem, they only care about power and control.

  • ozziepost

    Somewhere in this process, wiser men would have reasoned that 'we can't expect people to be 'separate from the world' without building an infrastructure to support that separateness

    Very true. Overlooked by the bureaucrats of the WTS is that humans are created social beings.

    The WTS have done away with the social aspects and commanded allegiance to "the Organisation" instead. It reminds me so much of what happened in Cambodia where all family relationships were forbidden and replaced by allegiance to Angkar (the Organisation).

    Look where it got them. Ruination.

    It's no wonder that the Borg has become a soulless, joyless existence.

    Christianity, which acknowledges the social needs of humans is simply the individual's relationship with a higher being. Plenty of freedom allowed there, plenty of joy and socialising too.

  • joelbear

    Jehovah's Witnesses were interesting for about 15 years from 1960 to 1975.

    They are now irrelevant.

  • truthseeker

    Excellent post Metatron, thoroughly sums up how I feel.

    The Watchtower is nothing more than a human "machine" - so many dubs just go through their mindless programming day after day, week after week without end.

    There is nothing new to write about.

    There is nothing new to read.

    There is nothing else to say.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I remember the days you do, Metatron. BTW: great sizing up! I think the JW's will have to become more mainstream in their beliefs to survive, if at all. My thoughts at this point are: they will refuse to become more mainstream, so they will only be comprised of the hardcore Witnesses that refuse to look at all outside information, and those converts they can make in developing countries.


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    they will refuse to become more mainstream

    Actually, I think they will. All other doors will be closed to them at some point, and survival is a powerful instinct.

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