Jehovah's Witnesses: How Their Subculture is Fading Away.

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  • metatron

    I am old enough to remember the days when Conventions lasted many long days and large

    numbers of brothers were employed in preparing hot meals served on trays, army-style. I can

    also recall how good these steam cooked meals tasted - and how policemen, assigned to

    patrol the convention grounds eagerly stood in line for their free dinners. This got replaced

    with cold sandwiches and off brand sodas often handed out by young brothers and sisters

    who volunteered - partly as a way to meet each other!

    and all that's gone now

    I can recall working in the bindery and pressroom at Bethel in Brooklyn. We would

    sometimes slog along thru the snow on our way to the factory, pretending we were

    German soldiers sentenced to fight on "the Russian front". After a grueling four years

    fending off nervous breakdowns, lack of sleep, occasional alcoholism and enforced poverty

    ( $14 a month!!!!!) we'd leave and get married.

    and that's gone too. I noted that the Society's new tract for young people, "Youths -

    What Will You Do With Your Life?" extolled Bethel service at the very time the Society

    was actively downsizing Bethel!

    Remember how bold and radical the magazines were? Now, they must fear everything

    they say or print in the computer age - because anyone can download and print any

    embarrassing remark and hand a copy to a government official!

    Remember "new truths"? However oxymoronic ( emphasis on the moronic) that may

    sound, new "understandings" were eagerly awaited.

    and that's all gone too - because after the death of Frederick Franz, no one in the

    corporate /committee structure of the Watchtower Society carries his authority

    or gravitas. Changes suddenly demanded by the Society's lawyers don't count.

    Remember the huge placements of gaudily colored books? Remember the millions

    of "Truth" books that got placed?

    Gone, gone, gone. With dwindling contributions, they can't afford literature

    like this anymore. Even the 'Awake' is being reduced.

    Somewhere in this process, wiser men would have reasoned that 'we can't

    expect people to be 'separate from the world' without building an infrastructure

    to support that separateness - but then again, wiser men wouldn't continue to

    engage in "Armageddon-is-Tomorrow - so-why-plan-for-the-future-anyway" thinking,

    especially after a hundred and twenty years of failure.

    They could have built their own college. They could have built their own pension

    or insurance structures or business networks. Instead, what little infrastructure they

    have, they are tearing down.

    In the end, they will leave nothing of lasting value behind. The Muslims

    built beautiful architecture, the Shakers left us furniture, the Greeks left us

    philosophy, the Catholics left us cathedrals ... but the Watchtower....

    will leave nothing behind except the collective cellulose pulp their forgettable literature

    was made of

    and time will quickly turn that into compost and dust.


  • jaffacake

    Thanks met, my collection is getting somewhat bulky.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    nice write up metatron! i enjoy the way you write.

    it seems to me anyway, that even the rank and file JWs are slightly more "worldly" in the way they act and dress and even sometimes think lately. perhaps my experience in this regard is limited, but some halls i have visited in the last year seemed to be changing very slightly. as though an undercurrent of world thinking was influencing people in the congregation. it wasn't very overt. but i feel like i see fewer and fewer "deep study" types, or old fire and brimstone stalwarts from my childhood.

    a lot of elders wear this sort of very cautious and tired expression on their faces.


  • ozziepost

    Very insightful, as always, met.

  • JH

    A spiritual collapse in the making

  • willyloman

    That's the way it looks to me, too. But I don't recommend waiting around until they morph into something more mainstream. Get out while you can, people!

  • stopthepain

    Thank you metatron----------The rank and file must see the huge losses this cult is taking.But they have a scripture that will answer this problrem.Smart people will leave,stupid die hard dreamers will stay,although that may be a small number.

  • BeautifulStrange

    ok there's one thing i don't get here

    once you have left the religion why would you bother to keep track of what they do or don't do or go to any of their meetings to observe anything?

    i really don't get it - i never go at all and all my fam are still in the truth but it has nothing to do with me - i have absolutely no interest in any of it - i don't care if they wanna talk to me about it although they're pretty respectful - it doesn't bother me what they do - i'd never waste my time on any of their beliefs or anything

    why on earth would you?

  • Goldminer

    Great write-up Met!

    I always enjoy reading your material.I'm anxious to see the downfall of the WTS.

    btw,I noticed you didn't predict a date for the end of the WTS.-LOL


  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Met, awesome post, you really nailed it and now I understand the look that my family wears around these days much better.

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