Where did the insects go?

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  • Ring Wielder
    Ring Wielder

    I might be a bit green on this one....but no one has ever given me a satisfactory explanation of how all the millions of kinds of insects survived the flood....Any thoughts?

  • ezekiel3
    but no one has ever given me a satisfactory explanation

    Same here. Remember only two of each kind!

    That would have made quite a lonely ant hill.

  • ballistic

    Also, what about all the parasitic ones which suck blood, the poor animals on board must have been infested, not to mention the humans!

  • Fatfreek
    how all the millions of kinds of insects survived the flood....Any thoughts?

    Skippy jars, you know, the small ones. Take chiggers and mosquitos, for example (frankly, I wish Noah had forgot about them). I understand Chiggers are some 0.02" in size, smaller than many people can even see with the naked eye. Must've been a real challenge for this elderly man to see, knowing his age at the time.

    Wait -- Skippy may not have been around during that time. In that case I don't know.


  • Satanus

    Noah's ark had termites in the walls, bug, parasite and insect riders on every animal and throughout all that different kinds of food that he stored. God made sure of that, so that they (the bugs) would survive to bother sinful humans and animals.


  • stillajwexelder

    I will get you the links to the threads - it is my favorite question - you have to acknowledge that either Noah and His Family collected 800,000 pairs of insects minimum - and there would be insect eaters on the ark -or you have to acknowledge some form of evolution - anyway you see it there is a big problem for the Noah STORY in the bible

  • stillajwexelder
  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey Ring Wielder,

    this is a great link:


    here is a snippit i liked regarding arthropods:

    What kinds were aboard the ark? Woodmorappe and Whitcomb & Morris arbitrarily exclude all animals except mammals, birds, and reptiles. However, many other animals, particularly land arthropods, must also have been on the ark for two reasons:

    • The Bible says so. Gen. 7:8 puts on the ark all creatures that move along the ground, with no further qualifications. Lev. 11:42 includes arthropods (creatures that "walk on many feet") in such a category.
    • They couldn't survive outside. Gen. 7:21-23 says every land creature not aboard the ark perished. And indeed, not one insect species in a thousand could survive for half a year on the vegetation mats proposed by some creationists. Most other land arthropods, snails, slugs, earthworms, etc. would also have to be on the ark to survive.
  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    I suppose they went to the same place where god miraculously preserved saltwater fish on a planet flooded with freshwater.

  • darkuncle29

    The Dung Beetles probably rode with the elephants, that's my guess anyway.

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