Blood:Vers Jewish law and Jehovah Witness beliefs

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  • shera

    First of all I am going to need some help with this...any added info is very welcome. Help me make sense! Sometimes getting my thoughts down is hard, I know what I mean but others LOL

    I wanted to use these comparisons ,after all it was the Jews who did write the old testament.

    I can recall reading from a Jewish man, that eating blood and blood transfusion are totally different.

    >A blood transfusion is said by some not eating blood but if a person is not

    >able to eat physical food how do they feed him? Intravenously.


    I've come upon this late due to Passover and the recent death of my

    late mother, may she rest in peace, so I apologize to those who have

    attempted correspondence with me and have not received a reply. But

    this topic I feel I must reply to because of the severity of the


    accept at face value and how important blood this is to the JW's then

    that leaves three other points that bother me deeply.

    chewing, digesting, the full process right through the digestive

    tract. Jews say a blessing before eating to express their gratitude to

    the Al-mighty for having provided them with food and given them the

    ENJOYMENT of eating. Yes, there is pleasure in eating food and G-d is

    to be blessed for that. There is no blessing said over medicine or

    food not permitted to be eaten (in the case of the Jew this means

    non-kosher food such as pig, crayfish or snails). Since we Jews wrote

    the Bible, we know what it means.

    primarily because it does not enter the digestive tract. The fact that

    bodily nourishment may enter the blood stream the same way, could in

    no way be considered eating as the digestive process is bypassed, and,

    in the case of blood, it could hardly be regarded as enjoyment. Blood

    is probably better regarded as a medicine in this case as it has no

    role to play other than controlling/removing illness or directly

    sustaining life; like a drug or an injection for, say, influenza.

    strict vegans? It is impossible to remove blood 100% from flesh. Even

    we Jews do not do that. Merely removing blood by salting or grilling

    the meat is acceptable to us. Letting it drain from the flesh is not;

    I mean, let's be practical here as Jewish law require us to be. The

    sacrifices eaten by the priests in the days of the

    Just something I wanted to add about Organ Transplants

    Years ago this was a no-no; it was likened to cannibalism etc... People wouldn't take them... Died, children lost their lives and we know many people were DF if they went against the WTS.


    New Light! It’s a conscience matter and transplants are O.K

    What about all those innocent people who died over something that was not truth? Very blood guilty!

    What about the people who were kicked out and shunned by family?

    Now the blood policy is changing, even many still frown upon taking blood but it is changing and many people are dieing and died over something that wasn’t truth.

    Confuses me and angers me, why people can’t see something is wrong with “truth” that changes continually over the yrs. God does not change his truth with the times, only man does!

    This cult has killed many innocent people, it has to stop.


  • shera

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  • JH

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  • shera

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  • TD

    Hi Shera

    It's sometimes hard for anyone raised in the Christian tradition to understand the Jewish mindset when it comes to the Law.

    While Christianity holds that the Law was basically a cruel joke God inflicted on mankind to drive home the point that they were "imperfect," Judaism does not.

    The Jews regard the Law as a priceless gift from a kind father. G-d gave the Law to Man that he may LIVE by it --literally. Living by the Law will not only enable you to live longer, you will be happier and healthier while you are alive --At least according to the Jews.

    The Jews, therefore are coming from an entirely opposite direction when it comes to interpreting the Law. To them, the Law is a blessing, not a curse and the idea that death would be the natural result of observing the Law is an alien concept.

    Accordingly, Judaism holds pikuach nephesh (Saving Life) as the very highest of all mitzvoth. For example, if an occupied building collapses on the Sabbath, which takes precedence, Sabbath law or G-d's requirement to preserve life?

    The requirement to preserve life trumps all other considerations. The only exceptions are murder, idolatry and sexual misconduct. Any other aspect of the Law could be set aside in an emergency.

    The transfusion medicine taboo as taught by Jehovah's Witnesses is something that would not even occur to a Jew. The idea that observance of Kashrut (The dietary law) would result in death is something the Jews simply cannot fathom.

    It takes the Christian view of the Law (e.g. A cruel burden) to come up with something as warped as this.


  • Terry

    In short, the Governing Body and their policies as represented in books, booklets and magazine articles MISREPRESENT the blood issue. They have from the very beginning.

    There were (in the bible context) two laws in operation in old testament times: the law given to Israel through Moses and the Law of the Sons of Noah given after the flood.

    Jews were under the first as a covenant and Gentiles were under the second.

    The issue for Christians concerning blood arose because Paul was teaching wild and crazy things and the congregation in Jerusalem needed to bring him back into line with orthodoxy.

    The governing group favored adding no burden to Gentiles who wanted to convert. They voiced a quotation from the Law of the Sons of Noah concerning "Things Strangled" which meant blood was poured out of a killed animal before the meat was eaten. Secondly, they referred to "and from blood" which had nothing to do with dietary or health laws, but, rather the shedding of blood by men in murder. The Jewish law stopped escalation when blood feuds were common.

    The Jehovah's Witness position misrepresents the "blood" issue as concerning dietary and health cleanliness when it does not have that context historically, rabbinically or contextually.

    Consequently, the JW rule is manmade and arbitrary. It was created for the purpose of making publicity concerning the religion of the Watchtower with poster martyrs willing to die or let family members die. It was for propaganda purposes.

    They've hedged on the particulars like any good Pharisee would have; but, there is no scriptural context in which their so-called "reasoning" could be viable.

    It is utter nonsense.

    Worse, it is criminally negligent.


  • TD

    There are few things Christians seem to enjoy more than heaping scorn on the sect of the Pharisees.

    For example, remember the nature of Jesus' disagreement with the Pharisees at Mark 3:1. Although this was a very long time before RAMBAM, the priciples of pikuach nefesh were still understood. A withered hand was not considered life threatening and therefore did not make the Sabbath hutra. In other words, waiting one more day to be healed would not have endangered this man's life.

    However if this man's life had been in danger, there would have been no disagreement. The transfusion medicine taboo is so far beyond anything that even the Pharisess could have come up with, that comparing them to Jehovah's Witnesses is probably an insult to the Pharisees.

  • skyman

    As I have posted many times on this thread about Blood this deal is huge to me. I was a local hero for standing up to the Law and Dr. many years ago they the Dr. and Lawyers had a court ored to give blood to my daughter but I stayed faithful. So I moved up through the ranks fast. One day a fellow Elder asked a simple question that changed my life call it an e piphany moment. He asked why can;t we store our own blood for later use? If the reason why is becauses the blood coagulates then how can we except fraction the blood coagulates before the fractions are taken out, is not the same law broken? So I dove into the book and found out the truth about blood. I wrote a letter I call my Blood Letter. Five different Elders have read this and one C.O. all agreed that I was corect one Elder quite and left the Borg one Elder cried but all the Elders including the CO said I was to wait on Jehovah except for the one that quit. I will send you my Blood Letter in your inbox this letter is powerful it has been sent to the society by one Elder and he received a letter back asking him not to share this letter with others but to wait on Jehovah.

  • jgnat

    It bugs me that JW's are not at all consistent in their abstension of blood. They have all these rules around blood transfusions, yet they don't even attempt to eat Kosher? I think JW's are breaking God's laws around blood every day.

    I figure Jesus did away with the Kosher laws the day he freely offered up his blood for all.

  • M.J.

    It's amazing how dogmatic they can be without any thought to the reasoning behind it. The Slave said it, so it must be so. Case closed. Of course that goes for anything. But this is the one issue that puts the WTS in the category of a deadly cult.

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