Blood:Vers Jewish law and Jehovah Witness beliefs

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    The history of the Hebrew people, the Jewish writings, the Tanakh, the manners and customs of the Jewish people, and the history and applications of the festivals deserve a dedicated study. Mine took a couple years. As a Witness I was taught about the Hebrew people but only microscopically and only as the part of history supported the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation. It was an exercise in fragments.
    There's the Jewish race and Judaism the religion. The two are very different. My study of the Hebrew people and their culture and history was my best spent time in my education. I have an appreciation for the Hebrew people that remains today.
    If I would have just looked at Judaism as a comparison or reference to Witnessism or Christianity, I'd have cheated myself and I would not have had a real idea of any of the issues. Judaism is not one thought and the Hebrew people are not one people. Christianity or Islam will never make sense without a pragmatic understanding of the historical and modern Hebrew people.
    The Witnesses are applying Kosher dietary laws to medical treatment while not applying them at all to dietary practices.

  • shera

    First of all I am going to need some help with this...any added info is very welcome. Help me make

    sense! Sometimes getting my thoughts down is hard, I know what I mean but others LOL

    I wanted to use these comparisons ,after all it was the Jews who did write the old testament.

    I can recall reading from a Jewish man, that eating blood and blood transfusion are totally different.

    >A blood transfusion is said by some not eating blood but if a person is not

    >able to eat physical food how do they feed him? Intravenously.

    've come upon this late due to Passover and the recent death of my

    late mother, may she rest in peace, so I apologize to those who have

    attempted correspondence with me and have not received a reply. But

    this topic I feel I must reply to because of the severity of the problem.

    If we accept what the Bible says about the life being in the blood at
    accept at face value and how important blood this is to the JW's then
    that leaves three other points that bother me deeply.

    1/ When the Bible refers to eating it refers to through the mouth;

    chewing, digesting, the full process right through the digestive

    tract. Jews say a blessing before eating to express their gratitude to

    the Al-mighty for having provided them with food and given them the

    ENJOYMENT of eating. Yes, there is pleasure in eating food and G-d is

    to be blessed for that. There is no blessing said over medicine or

    food not permitted to be eaten (in the case of the Jew this means

    non-kosher food such as pig, crayfish or snails). Since we Jews wrote

    the Bible, we know what it means.

    Blood transfusions could not be considered as having been eaten,

    primarily because it does not enter the digestive tract. The fact that

    bodily nourishment may enter the blood stream the same way, could in

    no way be considered eating as the digestive process is bypassed, and,

    in the case of blood, it could hardly be regarded as enjoyment. Blood

    is probably better regarded as a medicine in this case as it has no

    role to play other than controlling/removing illness or directly

    sustaining life; like a drug or an injection for, say, influenza.

    2/ If blood is not to be eaten then can we assume that all JW's are
    strict vegans? It is impossible to remove blood 100% from flesh. Even
    we Jews do not do that. Merely removing blood by salting or grilling
    the meat is acceptable to us. Letting it drain from the flesh is not;
    I mean, let's be practicle here as Jewish law require us to be. The
    sacrifices eaten by the priests in the days of the Temple must have
    had some blood or the remains of blood in the food but it was, of
    course, permitted to them. The only way you can strictly avoid eating
    blood is to not eat meat, and even then you may have problems as some
    food colouring use the blood of certain insects. Even fertilisers for
    growing vegetables could not be used by JW's

    3/ (And this one to me is the essential problem) If we place the
    importance of blood over and above sustaining life itself, then what
    are we saying about life? For to allow a person to die because of a
    lack of blood, then life must be the secondary to blood. Rather than
    celebrating birth and death we should be mourning over every bleeding
    cut and shedding tears everytime we defecate. Birth and death are
    penultimate, blood is supreme. According to your Christian faith, when
    a person sins, is it his life that is required of him or his blood?
    For heaven's sake blood is for life, not life is for blood.

    Les Brown

    Just something I wanted to add about Organ Transplants

    Years ago this was a no-no; it was likened to cannibalism etc... People wouldn't take them... Died,

    children lost their lives and we know many people were DF if they went against the WTS.


    New Light! It’s a conscience matter and transplants are O.K

    What about all those innocent people who died over something that was not truth? Very blood guilty!

    What about the people who were kicked out and shunned by family?

    Now the blood policy is changing, even many still frown upon taking blood but it is changing and many

    people are dieing and died over something that wasn’t truth.

    Confuses me and angers me, why people can’t see something is wrong with “truth” that changes

    continually over the yrs. God does not change his truth with the times, only man does!

    This cult has killed many innocent people, it has to stop.


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