Shameless plea for attention

by wanderlustguy 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • LittleToe

    She's a fiesty little bint, and needs a skelp across the arse, but we love her

  • wanderlustguy
    So is there any chance of you cracking a smile in your next avatar WLG?

    OK, done!

  • kls

    Wander , with a face that you have and a great personnality ,you sure can make me smile

  • Crumpet

    LT - what is "skelp"?

    WLG - look behind my apple ---- now thats a smile!

  • HadEnuf

    We love you wanderlust

    oh yes we do

    We love you wanderlust

    our love is true

    we love you wanderlust

    with all our hearts

    we love you wanderlust

    (humming rest of song because the only word I could think of that rhymes with hearts is farts........see my dear've got FRIENDS (even if they're in low places)!!!

    cathy l.

  • ButtLight

    Awww, I love ya Wanderlust! You really are a cute guy! Hows that?

  • BrendaCloutier

    LMFAO defd, THAT was FUNNY!

    (I didn't think he had it in him....shows what I know ;)

    WLG, love ya! *Muah!*

    My twins would say hello except they're busy in their slow race to see who will be first to my knees.

  • joannadandy

    *de-pants wlg*

    Heh - how do you like the attention now pretty boy!

  • wanderlustguy
    *de-pants wlg*

    Heh - how do you like the attention now pretty boy!

    Not really worried about somebody seeing something I have to feel around to find in the first place...

  • Valis

    wlg you can't fool me!...praise prostitutes will often resort to self deprication in order to be even more of an attention gobbler..

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