Still clinging to 1914 a significant year in the new book.

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  • jaffacake

    I can see why they would love to forget about 1914.
    The story goes - Christ returned in 1914, inspected the world's religions in 1918-1919, then appointed the FDS in Spring 1919. This appointment was on the basis of the quality of the spiritual food they were serving 'down to 1919'.
    This is their achilles heel because we too can inspect that spiritual food, just like Jesus was supposed to have done. They are desperate to keep secret the spiritual food that got them appointed as FDS.

    Look it up on the internet: Studies in the Scriptures (6 volumes); the Finished Mystery; The Harp of God....'
    This will answer the question conclusively as to whether Jehovah and Christ ever had anything to do with this organisation.

  • TheListener

    From what I've heard/seen/read: June 28, 1914 is the agreed upon start date for WWI.

    The society talks about October 1914 being the end of the gentile times.

    There must be an explanation in the literature somewhere. It's not like them to not have some reason ready to go.

  • sir82


    It's never (to my knowledge) appeared in print, but I seem to recall seeing other posters recount talks in which it was explained that Satan started WWI a few months earlier then October, to distract all earthly inhabitants from Jesus' enthroning.

    You couldn't make this stuff up!

  • TheListener

    Been in the truth my entire life, been an avid reader, researcher and, I thought, thinker (of course, now I know better) and I NEVER HEARD THAT IN MY LIFE!! Oh man I think I'm gonna be sick.

    If the G#$ D^ enthroning was invisible why did he need to draw our attention from it?

    Since the bible students didn't even know it was happening until years later why did he need to draw our attention from it?

    And finally, since the war started at the end of June it just seems to me that the Bethel boys back then were in an even heightened alert status than they would have been if nothing was happening at all, so why did Satan help put them on high alert?

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Satan started WWI a few months earlier then October, to distract all earthly inhabitants from Jesus' enthroning.

    So it was SATAN who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand?!

  • Pole

    They officially changed the generation doctrine in 1995, right? This is what you could still read in Awake! in 1994:

    *** g94 11/8 p. 10 The Real Significance of 1914 ***
    AS INDICATED on page 4, "this magazine builds confidence in the Creator’s promise of a peaceful and secure new world before the generation that saw the events of 1914 passes away."
    This time of the end is, however, to be a relatively short period—stretching over one generation. (Luke 21:31, 32) The fact that we are now 80 years beyond 1914 indicates that we can soon expect the deliverance that God’s Kingdom will bring. This means that we will see “the lowliest one of mankind”—Jesus Christ—take complete control of “the kingdom of mankind” and bring about a peaceful and just new world.—Daniel 4:17.

    So, they only gave dubs 1 year's notice before totally and ultimately dismissing the generation doctrine. In other words, as late as 1994 they were still spouting the old rubbish in the most definitive way possible. (I can't see any hedging in the passage above).

    The 1914 prophecy is perhaps a bigger deal, but if changes come, they will come as a "surprise". After all it's not so urgent to change it as it was in the case of the fast passing generation of 1914.


  • 95stormfront
    If the G#$ D^ enthroning was invisible why did he need to draw our attention from it?


  • nicolaou

    One day 1914 will be ditched along with the 2520 days/years and 607 B.C.E. There are changes on the way - this is a continually evolving entity - and sometimes the changes are big.

    Don't say that the 'brothers' would never accept such huge doctrinal changes, most of them just don't care.

  • observador

    2014 in my radar screen.

  • JustTickledPink

    I HATE how they write their literature with a "couple of words" in quotes and then the scripture cited as though they interpreted it correctly when they only used 2-3 words.

    I never understood why we had to go from the new testament and the book of Matthew to get the "last days" and then flip back to Psalms for the "generation" and then flip to Revelations to get the "great tribulation"

    Don't you think that if God really wanted to tell us something he'd put it ALL IN ONE LOGICAL SENTENCE?

    I know when I want my husband to know something I don't write hundreds of pages and hide the meaning in basically what boils down to one sentence completely buried in among all the pages. It makes no logical sense.

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