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  • Preston

    They're coming to get you Eva...

    I heard they're afraid of fire...and don't let them bite you!!!!

    - Preston

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    i believe you too evan. i've seen it happen myself. we had a couple of old bags in my congo that were assigned all the ''interested'' calls that came through on the kh phone. they would spend days tracking those people down. sometimes if they knew that they were in the general area of the person, they would go door to door, do a presentation, then say, ''by the way, we're looking for a friend of ours. his/her name is soandso. do u know them?''

    i don't find it unusual at all.

    luv, jojo

  • orion

    BE NICE!!! Ev is a very nice girl and often has very inteligent things to guys know how it is when you play telephone...sometime things get mixed up. I'm sure Ev is just repeating what she recalls. She is one of the few young people that I come accross that actually has interest in religion and what other teach....She is just experimenting and learning.....

    Keep it up Ev..... If they do come to your door then just be prepared...but I wouldn't worry about it to much.

    By the way...i have known some, not many but some that are very aggrestive witnesses and they will try to search out people that they have had conversations with( i.e. telephone witnessing, they will get an idea of the persons location if they don't want to give there address out, I'm not saying thats what is happining here, BUT it does happen.)

  • Legolas

    Just tell them to go f**k themselves and not contact you again.

  • orangefatcat

    I feel you should just forget the whole scene and don't worry about a thing.

    You can always put a sign on your door saying Jehovah's Witnesses PLEASE DON'T CALL.

    They'll leave you alone.



    also if you need info about the doctrines of JWs may I suggest a google search, you'll be surpised how much info you will find. Even at their own website.

  • jaffacake

    What's wrong with anything Evanescence has done? Nothing.

    She started a thread when asked at school to do an english oral presentation about religion, she chose JWs. She aske for help with the research for that work and many of us suggested topics to include.

    She specifically asked us not to post anti-JW stuff, it was to be a fair presentation.

    As part of her research she rings the KH and enquires about the religion, and tells us about it. She may have given clues about her neighbourhood so some JWs are asking around. Her friend they asked might have slightly exaggerated, but what has she done wrong.

    And Defd, as for a 15 year old girl harassing a JW elder, Give me a break!

    Good for you Evan, I'm so impressed I might even become a Catholic.

    P.S Any JW time anyone can tie up is time preventing someone else being talked into joining a dangerous high control group.

  • tijkmo
    i've seen it happen myself. we had a couple of old bags in my congo that were assigned all the ''interested'' calls that came through on the kh phone. they would spend days tracking those people down. sometimes if they knew that they were in the general area of the person, they would go door to door, do a presentation, then say, ''by the way, we're looking for a friend of ours. his/her name is soandso. do u know them?''

    ok my apologies

    just never heard of this happening before

    im sorry....but if they do call..just explain..they will accept that

    actually i want to hear some of your songs


  • Carol

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." One shouldn't play games with the telephone in this day and age of caller ID......unless of course one is willing to pay the piper!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Call them back at the hall, ask to speak to the same guy, then say.... "Hi again! I just called to tell you that two nice Morman boys came to my door, gave me some lessons and I was baptised yesterday....isn't that wonderful? Thanks for all of your help and inspiration....bye".

  • Evanescence

    I think that if you would quite trying to harass them you wouldnt be having this problem. How many times have you been kicked off of the E-Watchman site? You are complaining of them hunting you down. but in reality YOU have hunted them down. You even called the Hall. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.


    I am not harassing them Defd. I got Kicked off e-watchman twice. I went on e-watchman to ask some questions on Jehovah's Witnesses. I created a thread there called "Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses" which the admin so kindly deleted. I went on again under "spiritual girl" to tell them of my forum so if they want to speak to me then they can speak to me there. And poof I was banned again! The admin has not given me any reason on why he banned me. If the admin doesn't like me then thats fine, if any of them wants to talk to me then they can go to my forum. I rang up the Kingdom hall to just ask for their basic doctrines, I wasn't doing anything mean, I was so nice to the fella that he thinks i'm interested in becoming on of them What is wrong in just wanting to learn a bit about other religions? As strange as this may sound I have interests in religion, its unusual for my age but do you have to insult me over who I am? Its bad enough I get bullied about me being myself, I don't need it from you as well! Well enough of that.

    Just a honest question: Why are you so obsessed by the JW's, as you are not a ex-jw?

    Do I have to be an ex-jw to be interested in jw's? Its just my interest in religions k, I know stange but SORRY!

    If she is 15 as she claims, that tells the whole story. I think personally she likes drama.

    Defd, you do not know me, so don't say things like that about me! Sorry I had a bad day, so if my post upsets you then sorry Ev, in a bad mood ain't good! lol some are better than what my friends have suggested! I better not repeat what my friends said lol! Thing is, if I do get them at my door, I don't want to be mean about getting rid of them, but If I be nice then I'll never get rid of them lol! And trust me the jw's in my area are probebly the most agressive i've ever heard of! even a friend told them to "go hug a jew" but they still wouldn't go away! they had their foot in the door way and everything! He was constantly insulting them and it wasn't until he pushed one of them down the stairs (stairs lead to his front door) that they left him alone But I don't want to be mean!!!! OFK, I looked in google but most of the stuff contained is the negs on their religion, I just want to do an oral presentation on their doctines. Type jehovah's witness in google and you'll see what i mean. The watchtower site just confuses me, the watchtower blabbers on and never gets to the point

    They're coming to get you Eva...

    LMAO!!! my friends keep on bagging me at school about it! saying iv'e got a whole bunch of Mad Mary's chasing after me lol Hello Jo Jo That was what my call was bacically, an interest call. but not interested in joining their religion I didn't really tell the elder that i wasn't interested in converting, if you look back at my other thread, but I did tell him that i was doing an oral presentation on Jehovah's witnesses. So who knows. He knows that I could not give him my address or phone number, so he told me to ring back if I have more questions and ask to speak to him. Hello Orion lol the elder was trying to get info out of me but I wouldn't tell him! but he does know my name and town. Hello Jafacake! glad you understand where I'm getting at! lol double edge! my friends suggested to tell them i'm a satanist I said "no way am I ever going to say that!!!" my friend says fine then tell them your athiest my reply: "noooooooooooooo I don't want to deny my belief in God! " then she said "tell them your wiccian, and say you'll cast some spells if they don't leave you alone!" My reply "no!!!! I'm Catholic!! and its going to stay that way!!!!!!!" but lol Mormons would be a good one, its kinda like their competition! the problem is I don't get mormons in my area Well my task it to rid of them, but in a nice way! is that even possible?????? But it may be best If I don't worry about it too much, i'll turn the tables!!! yes my prettys come to my door I won't bite HARD! Evanescence *time to put land mines on my front yard class*

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