Man, they just wont listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ButtLight

    I, for the first time, talked to my jw family! Mostly my sister in law! She got really pissed with me for what i brought up! The un, child molestation! I told her I talked to an elder who was on a comitteee with a pedophile, and nothing happened to him, to not bring reproach on jehovahs name! She thought i was lying!! She ran in the house, calling in my brother, cause she was so ashamed of me! I just left! So, now that they know Im on here, I will change my avatar, cause, I dont give a shit! Can I say that word?

  • stillajwexelder

    You can say what you like after all Brooke (whyamihere) called you a drunken whore which was unfair so you can say what you like. However, I am not a moderator - otherwise I would discipline you!

  • Legolas
  • kls

    Butt , there is not much you can do ,you have brought some good points to their attention but you know most won't listen. Don't feel bad because sometimes they have to see things on their own but some never do .

  • JH

    You did the right think Buttlight. Proud of ya !!!

  • ButtLight

    Ha ha I dont care!

  • ButtLight

    Florida pic!

  • JH

    Nice pictures of you Buttlight

  • confusedjw

    3......2........1......and Buttlight starts getting hit on by every single guy on the board.

  • whyamihere

    I am sorry.

    I called her a drunken whore as a funny joke no harm by it I promise.


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