End Times

by Harold Mourning 19 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Harold Mourning
    Harold Mourning

    Anyone else ever wonder about the claim that the world governments would turn on all religions except the WTS? Until later when they are singled out? 

    What would be the separator? 

    Wts are in every phone book under Religion?

    This idea has ALWAYS made me think that the narrow road was never intended to be looped into organized religion    

    Thoughts?  I'm not dogmatic about anything and love the conversation  

  • prologos
    There always seems to be some government fighting against some kind of religion. Sunni government against Shiite governments, , Catholic Irish against Protestant Irish, Ukrainian Orthodox against Orthodox Russians. Why spoil the fun? Let the End times roll on, endlessly.  
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    It's one of those urban myths created by the Org which is never questioned. The same as, "if your non-Witness loved one dies before Armageddon, they'll get a resurrection; if they die at Armageddon - sorry!!

    My fellow Witnesses can't see the wood for the trees - their religion perpetuates more falsehoods than "Christendom", and actively recruits new converts via these lies - thereby making JW dot ORG itself a major part of Christendom!

    If religion is ravaged for its wealth by the governments, the Magnificent 7 will have to take up window cleaning jobs to earn an honest living for a change!

    They are parasitical, paid clergy - just like their counterparts in the rest of Christendom!

  • insidetheKH
    my thought.... other religions will be singled out first because they are part of state affairs,.. like politics...wars and armies.... etc etc so when the shit hits the fan they will be the first that will get hit
  • Harold Mourning
    Harold Mourning

    But....have you ever tried to build something? 

    Zoning changes, the permit process..etc  is quite linked with Politics.. 

    Rumor is that in Warwick the wts agreed to no preaching in exchange for building/zoning approval    Can anyone verify??

  • jwfacts
    I told my exMormon friend about this teaching. He thought it was hilarious, as he said no one cares less about JWs, why would governments turn on them?
  • Harold Mourning
    Harold Mourning
    The no warfare thing is interesting but the Amish and like german farm religions also have a similar stance.  As well as some eastern mystic religions 
  • insidetheKH

    @harold that was not really what i meant ;-) 

    but again i think that the friendship between state and church will be the problem for those religions as soon as that friendship hits a low the states will turn against their former friend,

    Only after that they will have a look at others like the JW's

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I remember that the teaching, in the 1970s, went something like this. 

    • The UN would turn against Babylon the Great (all religions).
    • The Jehovah's Witnesses would be temporarily spared.
    • The UN would finally notice the JWs and turn on them.
    • Armageddon would be the culmination of the Great Tribulation as Jesus and company go to the rescue of the JWs before they get destroyed. 


    insidetheKH, you seem to be a true believer - am I correct?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Since the new KHs are designed to look more like banks, coffeeshops, or retail stores, the government won't realize that a religious cult is lurking inside.

    And if they keep up with the silent cart thing and stop knocking on doors, nobody will have any idea what JWs are.

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