WTS and the mass media

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  • greendawn

    Given the extend of the abuse that the WTS perpetrates on its members isn't it surprising that they don't get a lot more negative mass media coverage?

    I wonder why that is, is it because they have helpful, powerful connections or because being so rich they can buy them off?

    Some extensive publicity in the mass media would cause them serious harm. What can the ex jws do to promote such a strategy?

  • IP_SEC

    Because they dont hand out packets of Koolaid. They are seen as fairly benevolent, though quirky. The media doesnt do good investigative research now, I dont think. They need to be told.

  • skyman

    Just like the Mormans who is as bad as the Witnesses they don't get the bad press for the same reason to big and people of the world feel the individual has the right to join a church if they want so the press leaves them alone.

  • potleg

    Most people are indifferent to the witnesses and their message. Let's face it all that preaching hasn't moved mountains so unless there is something really big that the general public is really interested in I don't think there will be much air time. For example the UN scandal is big news to us, but who outside witnesses and ex-witneses cares?

  • coffee_black

    1.The Watchtower has a huge legal department and threaten to use it.

    2. The main stream media is terrible at objective reporting. They are more interested in ratings than finding real facts. The watchtower is too small to make big news and produce the ratings they are looking for. To most people the watchtower is just a pimple on an elephant's behind...(as my bf says)


  • Elsewhere

    This is because the harm caused by the WTS is not the result of actions on the part of the WTS, but the result of inaction on the part of the WTS and JWs.

    • People die because they do not use blood products.
    • People are abused because they do not stop the abuse (Wait on Jehover).
    • People are left with no justice because abuse and other crimes are not reported to the civil authorities.
    • People are deceived by what they are not told.
    • Families are divided and broken because JWs have nothing to do with non-JW family members.

    It is very difficult to show a wrong has been done through inaction.

  • greendawn

    There are interesting points in the posts above.

    Potleg some jw issues may not be of interest to the general public but others could make a nice damning documentary for all to see.

    Elsewhere the fact that the jws are parthetic and accept the abuse doesn't make the WTS any less guilty, that doesn't exonerate them.

    Coffee black you may be right some people may fear the WTS lawyers bills in case they get sued and lose.

    IP SEC and skyman the media need to be told that with the WTS appearances can be deceptive and that they do deceive and abuse.

  • richard

    The media are generally not interested in religion, unless it concerns associated issues such as fundamentalist Islamic terrorism, cult violence at the level of Waco/Jonestown, Tom Cruise who advertizes Scientology, or a dissenting Mormon polygamist in Colorado. And as for child abuse, they have the RC church. So who cares for the WTS?

  • orangefatcat

    I feel that the WTS, will only become an issue for the mass media when something is extremely scandalous.

    With regards to the pedophilia in the congregations and the cover ups that has become of grave concern to every citizen in America and for that matter all around the world. As more and more law suits are brought against the WTS then it may become more apparent that they need to be exposed. For example men like Bill Bowen and women like Barbara Anderson and Danny Hazzard 's whislte blowing has had some extreme affects on the organizaiton.

    Exposure from Bills wonderful website, www.silentlambs.org has played an enormous role in exposing the WTS cover ups in all ranks. Right up to the governing body down to the elders. As time goes by more and more we will see as the victims (younger witnesses) get older they will blow the whistile on the org. and will sue and the more lawsuits against a religion the more media coverage will happen. It is my opinion there has been a lot of media coverage with television shows, demonstrations and walks for the silent lambs organization. Which is great. Keep it going Bill.

    Issues of blood and transplants and the United Nations are as elsewhere stated with in the congregations of JWs this is internal issues and not truly of any great interest to the outside world. Only in the instance of blood and children and their rights seem to make it to the print media. Or when someone dies from not being able to have blood.

    We need to make the public more and more aware that this organization is not interested in peoples salvation but only their money, estates, and more money. They don't help outsiders only with in congregations and even then it is so minimal that its disgusting. Organizations like the Salvation Army the Red and Blue Cross show up Jehovah's witnesses. Generally when disasters occur around the world the first two organizaitons to help are the Sally Anns and the Crosses. Of course the Society and their pious additude make witnesses believe they are always first in disasters of the world. I have yet to see in any news coverage of any disaster a relief vessel or trucks coming in with help.

    The governing body make me sick. They are men who dangle the lifes of Jehovah;s witnesses in their hands.

    Their stupid and corrupt rules. More and more as these men age and dementia sets in, the legal department will be the leaders of the organization. Maybe they are already. I am not to sure on that issue. Because everything is becoming a legal issue in the organiztion. What ever happened to the way the organiztion claimed it was a God operated organization. Theocratic, God Rule Order. It is impossible for this as there are to many issues these old men can't deal with. Heaven forbid if one of them has an off day and 2thirds vote one way and 1 third another way. everything is done that way in the organaization the majority rules. Where is that in the Bible.

    They are has beens. They are Liars, Hypocrites. Worse than the rulers of Christ's day. They make a good pretense or facade for the witnesses to be hypnotised or decieved into believing they are God's instrument on earth today. They go so far as to claim to be God's prophets on earth at this time in history. Yes they are dellusional.

  • Frog

    Like IP said, mass media don't do good investigative journalism these days, there's not enough money in it. That is unless they've going to unravell some big scandal. But since we're all so desensitised by what we see on the tv, read in the paper, those good investigative journalism pieces just don't have the lasting effect to instigate change that they one used to. The Transnational Corporations like News Ltd and Fairfax media groups have diversified with their media forums to the point where good investigative journalism isn't at the core anymore. They've huge commercial companies, who've sold out on the public interest to make their millions.

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