Touched Tarot Cards Last Night and Guess What Happened? :)

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  • talesin

    I have the Aquarius deck. No WT lookalikes in the Tower card!

    All decks are different, there are hundreds of brands, all with different artwork. Tarot is fun!


  • rebel8

    ezekiel's looks like the WT we all know and love.

    Here's what my book says. It does ring true a bit but for different reasons--the WT falling down!

    ...On its pinnacle, fittingly, the apocalyptic beasts and a statue of the saint stand ready to climb the next step. We may assume from this that the real tower is a ladder stretching between the ethereal state of being and the worldly state of becoming. Perhaps it is the stairway to heaven. The icon of a tower struck down by lightning might be painful to accept, but the teaching it offers is a blessing in disguide. The Tower represents the square of squares, the four by four, and brick by brick it forst took shape as a small home for the self. Later, the walls were raised for protection. But, still not content, we reached up to the very edge of heaven to show how we are superior to the elements and the masses.
    From such a high vantage point, it is not obvious that we have inadvertently constructed an antenna--a lightning rod on a grand scale, perhaps?
    In the realm of earthly matters, change is imminent. The same old rules still apply: what goes up will certainly come down, so expect the unexpected. In the greater scheme of things, this card is the practice jump that lightens our load before the final leap. It also represents the destruction of all explanations of God fashioned in our own image.
    The reversed position of this card reduces the shock. But when the walls come tumbling down, so does the false crown of attainment.
    Correspondences: The Tower, Divine intervention, Babel, limiting extent of the mortal mind/body; freedom paid by the ultimate price
  • talesin

    That's really interesting, Rebel. Mine has no references to saints or apocalypses, no religious bents.

    Here's what my book reads for the Tower:


    This is a most unpleasant card to find in a reading. To be honest, I advise people not to get too worried unless it comes up in repeated readings, but whatever way one cares to look at the Tower brings bad news. There is definitely going to be some sort of loss, even a calamity of some kind. Security, as the Questioner has known it in the past, is going to be destroyed and the troubles are likely to come amazingly quickly when they start. Illusions are going to be shattered and the truth about people and situatins will be revealed in startling clarity. There will be a questioning of previously accepted beliefs, trust will be destroyed. There could even be some sort of disgrace.
    I am by nature an optimist, but even I cannot find much that is good about this card. At one time I kept getting the Tower in my own readings, and sure enough, our family suffered an appalling financial loss, but we fought our way back to solvency and feel quite proud of ourselves for having done so.


    Negative and positive are not really apt terms for this card; however, to see this card reversed in a spread does seem to show that the problems are her and now rather than in the future. The reversed Tower indicates something in the nature of a long term misery, rather than a sudden catastrophe, although current and future difficulties may be stemming from a sudden disaster in the recent past. Also, the Questioner can now either make strides to overcome difficult circumstances or remain in the midst of them. There is likely to be continued oppression, the problems are not solved yet.

    It doesn't come up in a lot of readings. Had it in my own in the past, though,,, heheh. Not now; my last one had the Star! YAY! hahah, nothing like projection to make a reading positive.


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