UN and Mat 24:15 and 16

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  • swiftbreeze

    It became clear to me also, for many years i served as a JW although i often felt a void...even though i prayed i felt a void like something was missing. It was Jesus Christ. The FDS does not lead it's people to christ for salvation. You cannot approach the father without Jesus Christ and it's not just saying "in Jesus name" or "Yes, i believe Jesus died for our sins" it's so much more than that... As JW's we never took part in his body and blood as we were instructed to do. Yes the wts acts as the mediator and alienates the people from Jesus therefore they have no hope or Joy. Thats why they look so miserable and sad...They do not have Jesus.

  • Dogpatch

    very cool jason, nice to meet ya!

    Randy Watters



  • JGraves

    Thank you all, all your comments reflect the want of Jah's organisation to be clean and pure.

    As a massive thank you and if anyones interested, my wedding pictures can be found here:




  • mcsemike

    The hypocrisy of this cult never ceases to amaze me. How any group of people could be so willfully blind while gloating over the coming deaths of 6 billion people just because they didn't understand God's purpose (who can after reading the WT?) is absolutely wicked. My child was raped at the age of nine by a known sex pervert in the area, a JW in good standing, and my child was called a liar and a whore. All attempts that I made to get the elders to speak with these "Christian" adults fell on deaf ears. I know several people who are going to die if justice is done by God. I am writing several books exposing this cult. I have a degree in psychology and have done thousands of hours of research. If my health permits me to live another 30 years, the WT will be destroyed. I swear, if I hear of one more young person committing suicide because their parents wouldn't speak to them because they got DF'd for reporting being abused, some people are going to be very, very sorry. I know you want to keep this forum kind (within limits) but I will say if something happens to some of the guilty people, you won't hear me cry about it. JR Brown is a sorry excuse for a human being. "Aggressive policy against child abuse, my *ss." "We report it where required by law." Doesn't the WT claim to be morally superior to the world? Elders in EVERY state should immediately report anything they hear about. Why would any "righteous" elder need a law before he'd report chld abuse? And what's with this 2 witness crap? Have they never read Deut. 22:25-27? Sounds like there doesn't need to be 2 witnesses here.

  • JGraves

    I want re-clarify my standing on this UN issue; it's as follows:

    At my JC meeting, I noted that the Missionary elder (TG) was aware of the document and stated that the elders fully expected the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society to collapse.

    Now I see two distinct differences. One there are Jehovahs people all those that claim to be Jehovah's witnesses. I see a legal and financial corporation associated to Jehovah's Witnesses (the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society).

    Now all of Jehovah's witnesses (including me) are by associating with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (reading the Watchtower etc) are not neutral from the world because of the affiliation with the Disgusting thing (as proved by the UN document).

    Now to me the distinction is extremely clear. I personally feel as though I'm having to make a stand before the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society asking for an apology for the UN affiliation. If I see an apology, I know that the Governing Body have recognised the mistake and will no longer have an affiliation (they will have stopped being part of the world, however small the affiliation it's an association).

    Simply put again, I was taught all my life to watch my associations. I've tried to do that all my life. Would it not therefore be hypocritical of me, to sit in a Jehovah's Witness meeting now, read the Watchtower and answer up etc etc, in the full knowledge that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society have *not* apologised for their standing on the UN issue.

    Now I take *no* apology (however big or small) to mean that the affiliation possibly still exists in another form.

    What you think on this?

    My question to you is am I right or wrong to make a stand based on my conscience?

    You could say I was stumbled by the UN affiliation and the lack of an apology. However I'm bigger than that and would simply state, I love Jehovah, I have massive faith and now I've made a stand (asked to be withdrawn as a member of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society) requesting to see an apology for the UN scandal. That's all my point is...

    It's a little like striking, because the bosses at work are doing something contrary to the job parameters.

    Using my bible trained conscience, I know that being no part of the world means, I dont vote, I dont get involved in politics, wars or anything that this system would suck me into.

    Right now, I'm standing alone before Jehovah God. I know that I would desperately like to rejoin the JW organisation, however because of the disgusting thing (Mat 24:15) I have had to immediately run for the hills (Mat 24:16) and get out.

    Now for the Jews in 77CE the ones that fled would have missed family, friends, comfort luxuries etc etc etc. It's a hard thing to do...

    I'm alone out here ()(except for the absolute love of Jehovah) and so far, Jehovah has seen fit to bless me enormously for my stand. I feel fantastically happy all the time and my life although difficult without a direct religion to associate with and brothers and sisters to help me, I'm definitely stronger and feel complete having gotten out while the getting was good.

    If an apology came through the Governing Body from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, I would more than seriously consider rejoining...



  • Sunspot

    I left the WTS for the LACK of integrity and love within the JW community. I was a loyal sister for 30 years and when confined with a disability, I began to search the web for some of the sites that I had deliberately chosen not to look at (per direction of the GB edicts).

    This was before the UN became an issue, but I saw enough in the sneakiness about the Jimmy Swaggart incident, and the Malawi/Mexico tragedy et al, to be totally disgusted with the religion that I had given up so much of my life to follow.

    When I finally saw all these cover-ups emerge, MY conscience wouldn't allow me to continue being a JW any longer. I wrote and let the WTS know why. Since that time I have found out much more about this twisted cult, and I so regret ever having been a part of it at all. Other than feeling like the fool, it has wrecked my entire family and put us at odds with each other. It has shredded what once was a nice family.

    I have a real problem with the term "Jehovah's Organization", because now that I have taken it upon myself to do the research----I can't see where He HAS an "earthly organization" that has "spokesmen" who interpret the scriptures---or that have the audacity to claim that they have this "purity" when they are clearly in violation of what God has said, AND in their many, many cover-ups.

    I'm glad that Swiftbreeze posted what he/she did---it saves me the trouble of repetition! For all their crowing and claims, the WTS is far removed from what Jesus said, did and taught. I am POSITIVE that God has no special dealings with or does he "bless" the WTS in any possible way. Either the WTS is delusional or lying or both----but they will not be smelling anything like a rose when they are standing before Jesus!

    The WTS is beyond reasoning with or expecting any apology from no matter what the problem. They are stone-hearted and hardnecked and feel NO NEED to lower themselves or feel anything like humility. That should tell you something.

    The Watchtowergod is cruel and demanding. One is never good enough for him OR the WTS.

    I left him.....and found the REAL God.


  • JGraves

    J: Greg lookup book number 5 in the bible then the 5th chapter then the 5th word then read Rev 7:9 and 9:7 and shout me back
    J: errm 5th verse of the 5th chapter
    G 's status is now "Idle". (6/10/2005 7:17 PM)
    J: Rev 7:9 and 9:7 are 5 days after the July 4th incident
    J: that would be 2005 5 months 5 weeks 5 days 5 hours 5 mins 5 secs
    J: like the countdown G?
    J: oh and look up in that same 5 5 5 book look at 9:7 and 7:9
    J: so counting down from 2005 5th month 5th week 5th day 5th hour 5th minute 5th second we are talking about Jehovah! if you look at the bible Greg Book 5 chapter 5 of that book, and the 5th Verse and the 5th word
    J: Deep Impact will punch a crater in Comet Tempel 1
    J: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4079954.stm
    J: duck bro
    J: also 7 fives their G
    J: Jehovah is seven letters
    J: WOW!!!


    Welcome to the board J.Graves.So the U.N scandel blew you away eh? Have you heard about the stock WBTS owns in tobbaco giant Phillip Morris?..Or the stock they own in Rand Cam?Rand Cam engine corp. does business with the U.S Navy...Then theres the pediphille problem.J.R. Brown admited on T.V they have knowledge of 27000+pediphilles in the organization.I believe the news magazine that addressed the problem is called Dateline .The scandel has made TV newsmagazine shows in at least 4 countrys I know of...Your going to love this place,I do.....OUTLAW

  • Stephen John Gault
    Stephen John Gault

    Let this wake-up call cause you to recognize the indoctrinated and brainwashed state every JW finds themselves in, including you. Use the opportunity to re-evaluate ALL of your Pavlonian preconditioned responses (yes, like your instant mental blocks that got erected when you started reading this sentence) and start questioning the mystical premise/work of fiction, this whole charade is built on, the Bible. Keep researching.

    I believe you to be one of the sincere ones. You could be free.


    Unfortunately most of the JWs in my Hall would probably say that, again, this is simply some men within the org choosing to "bring reproach" upon Jehovah's name ... but the org itself is still OK. Sad.

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