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  • JGraves

    Hey everyone, I'm living in St Kitt's and recently got disfellowshipped and also asked to be withdrawn as a member of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

    As all witnesses know, this is a serious and often challenging thing to do, to stand up for your faith and belief that Jehovahs people and organisation need to be clean.

    I've made that stand, I've made it clear to the Missionary Elder here; "My concience will not allow me to associate with an organisation that was affiliated with a political organisation, or one that promotes govermental propoganda above Jehovahs own word and message. (the Watchtower 91 issues sent to you via email)"

    We should all present the UN document (http://www.un.org/dpi/ngosection/watchtower.pdf) to our elders and ask them how their concience copes with the fact, that Jehovahs 'Clean' organisation has become spotted.

    I've read all the posts regarding the UN and the JW's, from your intriguing website, what we all seemed to have overlooked, is that Mat 24:15 and 16 has happened. In the same was that on the doors we told people that earthquakes are getting bad, it doesnt matter than Man has more tools to measure, it's a sign right?

    Well the sign is clear, as good watchmen, we cannot directly tell our brothers and sisters (Read Rev 9:7) as faith is a delicate thing, it's one thing that God cannot give us and that we have to build up for ourselves. (Faith the size of a mustard grain). By excersizing faith, as it seems most of you have. You have proven, before Jehovah, that you want his organisation here on earth to be clean and *Neutral* from this world

    This whole affair reflects badly on all JW's and on Jehovah himself, who's name is being tainted by the men *proffessing* to serve him.

    Just as in Jesus's day the scribes and the pharasisees would put heavy loads upon Jehovah's people, the WTBS (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society) organisation today is doing the same thing!

    Have you got the faith to stand before Jehovah and make a stand for *pure* worship. Undefiled and truly neutral from this world?

    The whole UN and WTBS affair stinks, the bible seems to be double prophesying too. In other words, read the prophecy in Mathew 24 the prophecy in Daniel 11 and 12 (placing the KN as USA and the KS as Middle east (Muslim) etc) and read Revelation in the bible for yourself. In all these readings, make sure to put Jehovahs earthly organisation in place of Christendom or Babylon (these both represent lies and fornication and bad things). You will be surprised and amazed at what you are reading. All the prophecies of the last days firstly point to Jehovahs house (which has elevated itself above all other religions and used Gods name in it's title).

    The first punishment is toward Jehovahs own earthly house... But read for yourself...

    Also please search the WTBS CDROM 2001 and search for references to the United Nations. The w91 issues you will find are daming of the WTBS, take these alone to your elders and ask them if the WTBS is still affiliated, because to date, we have seen *NO APOLOGY* to the public or us as Jehovahs servants for this gross misconduct in *NOT* staying neutral from the world!!!

    Before you begin to say it's not that bigger deal. Research in the Year book for our Brothers and sisters in Malawi (spelling?) in the 1970's. Bros' and Sis' died for trying to stay faithful and neutral to Jehovah. The WTBS is sitting hypocritically in a similar position and seemingly has not apologised to anyone for this!!!

    Everyone, 2001 was a special day in history, whatever your current position spiritually, watch the news, for the WTBS is under iminent doom from the Wild beast (Revelation)

    It seems that I had a role before Jehovah (Rev 9:7) and from that alone, I'm doing my best to warn everyone, but not directly Jehovah's own people as this would be damaging to them.

    Love you all. Keep strong


  • sf

    Welcome Jason.

    I like your post.

    Do you know E-Watchman, by chance?


  • DannyHaszard

    Welcome newbie I Love You Mug 2 A thousand apologies if i appear to intrude,this is my 'press release' and forum post at numerous locations. ------------------------------- United Nations Jehovah Witness Join United Nations in 1991 Sex Watchtower Sluts the the'wild beast' (666) Jehovah Witness Join United Nations,is Like Learning the Pope Secretly Supports Abortion.

    WHY is "Jehovah's organization" so friendly with the "disgusting thing causing desolation" that is "full of blasphemous names"?
    The Watch Tower Society claims the United Nations Organization is the "image of the beast" in Revelation chapter 13:14-15 and the "scarlet colored wild beast" in Revelation chapter 17:1. They also identify it as the "disgusting thing causing desolation" in the Bible books of Daniel and Matthew.

    "As God views it, the United Nations is a colossal world conspiracy. Why?...it calls upon the peoples of all nations to support it in establishing worldwide security by man's efforts...It thus proves itself to be a conspiracy against the 'Prince of Peace' and against Jehovah's covenant with him...The conspiracy will be shattered to pieces..."

    According to the Society the UN, described in Revelation 13:16-18 as the "image of the wild beast", forces all persons to worship the "wild beast" and be identified as Gods enemies by a special mark in their right hand or upon their forehead. This is the mark of the beast, the number of the beast (666) or the number of its name. Assisting the "image of the wild beast" would be working against the interests of Christ and His Kingdom.

    Is it not surprising then, to learn that the Watch Tower Society was an official UN Non Government Organization supporting the objectives of the UN?

    What is expected of these NGOs?

    The NGO portion of the United Nations web site states: "Since the founding days of the United Nations in San Francisco, NGOs have made valuable contributions to the international community by drawing attention to issues, suggesting ideas and programmes, disseminating information and mobilizing public opinion in support of the UN and its Specialized Agencies. Association with DPI constitutes a commitment to that effect.

    So, in private the Watch Tower Society has made a commitment to disseminate information and mobilize public opinion IN SUPPORT of the United Nations. But in public claiming that it is under Satanic control - a "disgusting thing" responsible for identifying people as Gods enemies by marking them with the "mark of the wild beast"; (666) marking them for death at Armageddon.

    Question:Why was "Jehovah's organization" secretly assisting "Gods enemies" in their work?


    ?Babylon the Great? riding the back of the Wild Beast (United Nations)Babylon The Great Has Fallen! ? God?s Kingdom Rules 1963 page 577

    United Nations Update: The Watch Tower Society Disassociates from the United Nations
    Following much comment on the Internet, such as this report at the Guardian Newspaper, and a review by the United Nations, the Society terminated its relationship to the United Nations effective October 2001.

    According to an official fax from the United Nations, the Society was an NGO since 1991. Why would they terminate their ten year relationship so suddenly? Could it be that they realized how damaging this is now that it is public knowledge? If they are prepared to have a secret ten year relationship with Satan's organization,(666) what other associations do they have that we don't know about?

    "Hypocrite Jehovah's witnesses abandon secret link with UN" says the headline of a follow-up article in the Guardian, you can read it here:

    "Tell the truth and don't be afraid"

    Watchtower Whistleblower Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • JGraves

    Thanks :)

    No, I dont know e-watchman personally, but his open letter to the Elders etc made absolute sense, a true follower of Jehovah, his site is the first that alerted me two weeks ago.

    I grew up a Jehovah's witness and doctrine, principle, law, history etc, all fits into these last days.

    After a really difficult divorce several years ago (begining 2002), from a witness wife (no adultery or fornication (we weren't messing around on each other). I got a lot lost and went through some massive trials. I came back two weeks ago (from being in a spiritual wilderness) to make good with the elders etc.

    It happens a week before my appointed meeting with the elders here in St Kitt's, I'm researching the Daniel 11 and 12 prophecy (when you catch sight of the disgusting thing etc) I ran across the e-watchman page. I took note and researched thoroughly everything.

    After the dismal meeting with the Elders here in St Kitt's (I'm originally from UK and have been a ministerial servant twice :-/ ) I pointed out the UN page (found on the UN website) they were extremely tight lipped about it.

    Then one of the elders admitted (He was from USA (Not a local guy)) he had seen that document before etc. I then asked him, what had he done about it, I asked if the society had apologised for it's stance, he said "why should they apologise, what good would it do?"

    I stated plainly that last years years text was "Keep on the watch!" why wasnt he warning and protecting Jehovahs flock???

    Alarm bells were ringing in my head, since that meeting I've asked to be withdrawn as a member of the WTBS for their standing on this matter.

    Anyone affiliated with the WTBS right now, is saying clearly before Jehovah, that it's OK to be with the world if the WTBS does it. Ask yourself WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY PEOPLE?

    Love, a servant of Jehovah


  • Honesty

    The WatchTower Bible and Tract Society is a disgusting thing that causes desolation because it puts itself in Jesus' place as mediator between God and men. All who fall under her blasphemous control experience spiritual desolation and the sure future of sharing in her sins if they do not reject her false doctrines and teachings. She is called 'Mother' by the dubs when in reality she is a spiritual whore.

  • kls

    Welcome JGraves, hope you stick around .

  • sf
    his site is the first that alerted me two weeks ago.

    I see. May I ask how you came upon his site? Was it by GOOGLING?


  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    Welcome to the Forum!

    I commend you for your dedication to God and truth. And especially for doing your own research and making sure for yourself whether the UN NGO issue were true. But sadly, that is only the very tip of the iceberg regarding our former 'mother' organization.

    Don't stop there. Do some research on the history of the org., it's prophecies and doctrines. But be prepared, if the UN thing threw you for a loop, you'll likely need therapy after you find out the rest.

    You don't have to use the WWW if you don't want to - go to the library. Find some 'original' bound volumes or the first 'money making reprinted editions' published back in the 80's. Don't stop in your search for truth JG. It will as Jesus said 'make you free'.

  • JGraves

    Thank you all for your encouraging replies. It feels like I've been going mad over here. I'm by myself here in St Kitt's with all this AFAIK.

    Firstly I took a while to think about a reply to you all, if ya dont mind, I'd like to reply to each of your comments in turn:

    sf - Thanks for that comment, it really made me feel a little easier, wen u know u know ;)

    DannyHaszard - Thank you, all the publicity about this is not going unheeded! The 11th hour workers are answering the call, the Rev 9:7 locusts are starting to buzz louder. As more of us are woken up spiritually to Jehovah, and his holy way, we are almost at Zion! Armegeddon is here. Jehovah uses all of *his* people with faith to preach, and the truth has set us free!!! Thank you all for your perseverance, the fact you all have woken me up is the point, more will come to their senses!!! (I hope)

    Honesty - (Good name!) u have a point, to me, the whole stinking lot is disgusting (UN WTBS), however, going by Jesus's love less teaching (hate, love etc), I believe that the UN is only slightly more ;)

    kls - as my wife says to me, you will have to scrape me off (dont ask!). You all had the answers I've been searching for truly. I know Jehovah is a God of love, those who are on the broad road (having their ears tickled thinking they will waltz through Armageddon) leading to destruction have no idea what awaits them. To any spiritual man, you will understand when I say, I cried like a baby, when I realised what was going to happen to my brothers and sisters I held dear. (small smile attached to this, my father and me have a good good relationship, so I sureptisously told him, When I warned my father, he already knew!!!) The true road of faith to Jehovah is to actually stand up for his name (as a son of his would) and make a stand for the truth!!! To stay affiliated with the WTBS is tantamount to siding *AGAINST* Jehovah. Thank you my true brothers and sisters, you I guess are going to be my new spiritual family, please keep me in mind, I'm alone out here!!! :)

    sf - LOL, actually as an English person I use, www.ask.co.uk, however yes I did GOOGLE in this instance! but it was in a good cause, u know end of the world kind of thing, dya forgive me??? :D

    Sweet tee - Thank you for your guidance and spiritual insight. Sweet tee, believe, I think I'm onto something deep, not sure where you are trying to point me, but I'd like to know, anyway open or otherwise we could exchange notes? I'm here online on this forum, maybe could share with everyone? Got a load of research I want to share, but it's deeeeeep! believe, there is nothing like island life to help the mind meditate deeply over things. I'm onto something else, read Isiah 40 through to 48 (On the night of my meeting with elders (havent been to meetings since 2002 properly (Went to memorials tho)) I read that scripture (before dsflp'ing meeting) and nearly LMAO, it was almost written directly to me, as was Revelation etc, I've never seen it before, but since *everything* has fitted into place, I'd be the first to say, WOW!!! (U KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!) Anyone to understands where I might be saying here, please contact me, I dont wanna think I'm the only one!!!

    Love, a bro in Jah's service


  • MidwichCuckoo

    Superb post Jason - prompted me to look up 1991 Watchtower :-


    The second requisite for true religion mentioned by James was "to keep oneself without spot from the world." Jesus stated: "My kingdom is no part of this world"; consistently, his true followers would be "no part of the world." (John 15:19; 18:36) Can this be said of the clergy and priests of any of this world?s religions? They endorse the United Nations. Many of their leaders accepted the pope?s invitation to meet in Assisi, Italy, in October 1986 to unite their prayers for the success of the UN-sponsored "International Year of Peace." However, their efforts were in vain, judging by the millions killed in the wars of that year and in the years since. The clergy often hobnob with the ruling political party, while treacherously making secret deals with the opposition so that whoever rules will view them as "friends."?James 4:4.


    Jehovah?s Witnesses have made a reputation for themselves as Christians who remain neutral in political affairs and in the conflicts of this world. They maintain this stance on all continents and in all nations, as attested to by press reports and modern historical records in all parts of the world. They are truly "without spot from the world." Theirs is the "religion that is pure and genuine in the sight of God."?James 1:27, Phillips.

    am still searching for the 2001 WT - lol.

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