Christian missionary whinges about the prosperity of Kenya

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  • cofty

    Jessica Tidwell arrived in Nairobi ready to heroically preach the gospel to destitute, half-naked peasants, living in mud huts and covered in "bug bites".

    When she discovered that Nairobi was in fact a prosperous, modern city with people in expensive clothes buying food and electronic goods in shopping malls, she was dejected and said so in her missionary blog.

    The comments section below her blog entry is well worth a read...

    Here is Bob Marley's take on self-centred western christian missionaries.

    "We're going to chase those crazy baldheads out of town"


  • DJS


    Thanks for this. Those damned Kenyans and their prosperity. Apparently they learned how to grow their own rice.

    I see a similar pattern with a lot who come on this site. Although their irritation is about us mean ole rational atheists rather than prosperity, the root cause analysis is the same. They were not able to make this their own personal planned pulpit of pious, preaching, proselytizing, prophesying and pontificating in what they thought would be the fertile grounds full of post-Borgian lost souls who would all be amazed by their special knowledge and immediately bow to them as savior and sage.

    Poor, poor Christians. All dressed up and no place to go.

  • galaxie

    She obviously neglected to research and instead relied on her preconceptions, typical of those encapsulated by theistic indoctrination. 

    Food for the hungry ..v...christ/god for the heathen !!

  • WingCommander

    So she's pissed that she went to Africa and she couldn't feel all superior to the loin-cloth wearing bug infested natives who live in huts????? 

    Another fundie Loon with a moral superiority complex who actually feels she is entitled to some sort of sympathy.  What a self-centered narcissist.   You gotta love these holy-roller types who b*tch and moan whenever something doesn't go their way, then somehow twist it to make it sound like God Himself is somehow directing their path and lives.  Delusional, self-centered thinking at it's finest.  UGH!  **GAG**

  • davidmitchell

    Poor, poor Christians. All dressed up and no place to go.

    Indeed, this reminds me of how the Salvation Army began in the 19th century. Because of the lack of any enterainment, they found playing music got the poor out of their homes to listen when they could then be preached to (or at)  As soon as the poor could afford their own radios, etc., this ploy became almosot worthless. I find it sad that religion takes advantage of those who have so little and use their situations as a weapon or form of.entrapment against them. Its much the same with JWs who use people's fear of crime, the uncertain future, etc as a means of drawing them into their web of lunacy.

  • Simon

    A couple in our KH went to Kenya as missionaries. I wonder what happened to them, if they are still there or if they came back?

    I always imagined it would be challenging going to live in a country like that and then try to return to someplace like the UK with much higher cost of living and no real career history.

    I guess you'd end up working for one of those JW owned lawn-car companies.

  • Heaven
    Christians need to let go of this unnatural need to convert everyone. Give it up and go home. Have a life. Sheesh!
  • cantleave

    The World is getting worse and worse as we draw closer to the end of this wicked system of things................

    Errrrrmmmmm - maybe not

  • Simon
    Give it up and go home. Have a life

    Their life is to tell you that you need to live yours like them, LOL

  • Heaven

    Simon says: Their life is to tell you that you need to live yours like them, LOL

    This angers and saddens me all at the same time. A long running tradition from the get go with the Christian cult. Believe the way we do, Convert or Die. Their long running and bloody legacy stands as a testament to this.

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