Andromeda awaits the "Great Crowd of Other Sheep"

by Doug Mason 24 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • John_Mann

    And thus said Jehovah: 'galaxies stand still'.

    Problem solved.

    You can't beat magical thinking with logic and facts. 

  • rmt1

    That reminds me of Joshua where God made the sun stand still in the sky. If I am capable of reading Bible correctly, the sun stood still for an entire day. If you do a deep zoom out from bible land, you see that the spinning sphere of the massive earth has a substantial rotational energy. To replicate Joshua's experience, you could:

    1. Cause only the crust to stand still with respect to the sun. The consequences would be instantaneous earthquakes in one place after another and tearing of the crust as the planet continued to rotate beneath the crust.

    2. Cause the crust and some upper portion of the magma to stand still. The consequences would be.... that would require a lot of energy, at the least.

    3. Cause the entire earth, from crust down to the core, to stand still. The consequences would be that this requires 2.138×1029 J to be dissipated instantly, and Joshua would lose his hydrodynamic core dynamo which sets up the earth's protective magnetic field. So 24 hours of Israelites fighting under incoming Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) and other high energy particles would increase their chance of cancer.

  • sir82

    In an endless Universe, everything that CAN happen, WILL happen.

    I don't want to be in the universe where Tony Morris is a drag queen in spanx.

  • prologos
    mt1, It is just a story, fable, a joke really, but the easiest way would be strictly through optics, on a cloudy day, solar sails focussing on that area from geostatic orbits, doable today, or the natural, accidental equivalent. How about the men in hand to hand combat doing it for 2 days? The Post Combat Syndrome? tell it to the marines. 
  • Vidiot
    The universe is expanding, i.e., we'll never truly run out of real estate.

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