Andromeda awaits the "Great Crowd of Other Sheep"

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    The Great Crowd, the Other Sheep will live forever on planet Earth.

    Years will move from centuries, millennia, and millions of years to billions of years. After 4 billion years, the sky will fill as their Milky Way galaxy and its neighbouring Andomeda galaxy collide, with amazing changes in gravitational forces. What an amazing sight!

    One billion years later, after surviving the collision of two galaxies, the Great Crowd of Other Sheep will experience the sun expand and self-destruct.

    What will the Watchtower magazines be saying at the time?


  • OneEyedJoe
    Good stuff.  I always did wonder why god would create such an inherently unstable and disorganized (in spite of claims made by JWs) universe if he really intended for people to live together.  It would take constant tinkering to keep the universe around us from eventually becoming inhospitable to life.
  • stuckinarut2
    Oh, Jehovah will just tire of this lot of humans and have fun creating and destroying a new lot......
  • pixel

    What will the Watchtower magazines be saying at the time?

    They will unveil The Overlapping Galaxies Teaching I'm afraid.

  • StarTrekAngel

    LOL.. I was talking to a friend (also a JW) not too long ago. Discussing evolution and the changes of the species, I proposed the following thought to him.. Does it really make sense that a God that loves diversity, would create all this animals and then expect the creation to remain static? What do we say about beautiful places like mountains? Truly most people will agree that they look incredibly beautiful on every season. We also know that the snow melts and the weather, earthquakes and the such are as much a destructive force, as they are a creative force. For this events have drastic effects on the planet. Never the less, the end result is always a beauty that is no better or worst than the previous landscape. Is always beautiful. The animal world is the same. The God that we preach could have not expected us to live forever to keep looking at the same monotonous world forever.

    As expected, I got no answer, just a stare. But this guy is not dumb.. I know he understood.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    @ Doug Mason:

    "One billion years later, after surviving the collision of two galaxies, the Great Crowd of Other Sheep will experience the sun expand and self-destruct." 

    The Earth would most probably be pulled out of its orbit by the mixing of stars and their gravitational effect on each other.

    The Earth however won't have to wait 5 billion years to get vaporized by the sun. Reason being that, as the sun slowly gets warmer and warmer throughout the hundred millions of years the Earth's oceans would vaporize creating a runaway greenhouse effect. This is supposed to happen a billion years from now.

    The result would be no ocean, an atmosphere of water vapor that's 200 times our current pressure and temperatures over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    The Great Crowd would have to move to Pluto. 

  • prologos

    Evolution demands change. Mutations have thrived because they better fitted new environments created by disasters. Unchanged environments harbours species that are unchanged for up to billions of years. During the through-passing of these two similar galaxies, very few direct hits are expected. Picture the next star to the Sun to be 2 instead of 4 light years away; welcome the changes to come. Great crowd? Quote of Nathan H. Knorr to       F. Franz: " Apparently the great crowd is not so great after all" circa 1943.                                                                   WT writers opined that it will take a miracle to have an everlasting Sun, Earth.  wt 1/1/2006 page 30. maintenance work by Jehovah, back to the days of Isaac (newton). so:

    Jump ship and infect another, pristine  Andromeda exoplanet with wt blessings. 

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "Picture the next star to the Sun to be 2 instead of 4 light years away; welcome the changes to come."

    Stars do not need to hit each other in order to create massive chaos. Even with our relatively distant stars in the arm of the Milky Way the gravitational effect of each other could be enough to pull a planet at least a few tens of millions of miles from its stars orbit. That could be enough to freeze a planet.

    There will also be the union of the two massive black holes that are believed to exist in the center of every galaxy including ours. The detonation of two black holes joining together will be enough to fry many star systems close to the center and possibly our sun which is somewhat distant from the center of our galaxy.

    Just the radiation released from such a detonation could endanger life on Earth. 

    Just look at the chaos below and give me your opinion.



  • Magnum

    I asked such questions before I was even baptized as a JW. Needless to say, I got no answers. I was told I would get answers in the future.

    I specifically asked what was going to happen to the earth and life on it when the sun entered the phase during which it expanded. I said "isn't it gong to engulf the earth?" I tried to come up with an answer myself. I reasoned that by the time that happens, maybe humans would have technology that would allow them to move somewhere else in the galaxy or universe, and that the earth would survive forever in that the people of the earth would live forever.

    That was just an attempt to make the whole thing make sense. The question nagged me my whole time as a JW.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I'm sure the elders would simply say that Jehovah would not allow that to happen. As for the stars that blow up now they might probably blame that on 'original sin' disrupting all of creation.

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