"Hey there all you lurkey ones..."

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  • FormerOne

    You're absolutely right, JBean!

    I know I just sorta got sucked into an "expected" spiritual progress. You know, if you're raised right, you SHOULD auxiliary pioneer during summers from school, and of course if you did that you SHOULD be a regular pioneer when you graduate. Of course if you're male, you SHOULD progress from there to being a MS, then an elder, and so on and so on and so on...

    I'm just glad I broke out of the rut when I did or I'd be repeating the whole shameful process with my own children!

  • lostboy

    guess i'm a lurker, been in chat, though, been df a year...later

    oh, not really from jamaica. FLA, USA

  • LDH

    Essie, I'm with you! I musta been smokin crack when this thread rolled around.

    It is so nice to see all of you newbies here-thanks for having the courage to say hi.

    Ignore the trolls and the attacks on people--you'll be far better off. And chatting is a riot.


  • crownboy

    Hi. I'm new here too. Been lurking for months, but joined a couple weeks ago. I am currently a JW living with my parents (I'm 19), going to college (thank God it's not the old days) and knowlegeable to the dubious history of the org. My dad is an elder and my mom a regular pioneer, so leaving the org while still living in their house is out of the question (though overall they're fairly liberal minded). I appreciate this forum because I can associate with people who share my views on the org. I still give the occasional talk at the KH and the parents drag me out in the field ministry ever so often, but I've already given them serious hints about not liking the org. (told my dad I didn't want to be an elder when I grow up, and I've repeatedly told them meeting and especially field service aren't as important as advertised). They see me 'drifting away' and no doubt are trying to draw me back in. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my relative freedom of thought I have now, and when I leave the house I should be totally liberated!

  • karen7680

    Hello all! If anything I am indeed a lurker! I am actually an frequenter of Beyond JW's website and post there quite often, but occasionally mosey over here.

    The threads here are just posted so fast and furious, I can't keep up! I find myself reading and never posting here because there is just so much to read! But I will be putting in my two cents every now and then.


    "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."
    -Harvey Fierstein

  • individuals wife
    individuals wife

    Formerone, Lostboy, Crownboy and Karen7680

    Welcome to you all! So good to meet you!

    Every new face I see on this board gets me so excited! Like I have said before, it is really encouraging to see that people are waking up to the real 'truth' behind the organisation.

    Any more lurkers care to introduce themselves? We would be thrilled to bits to hear from you!

  • finnrot

    I recently discovered this site and decided to jump right in and make a few comments. I ratteled a few cages, but I know when I'm lurking I like to see a little controversy once in a while.

    Steven, it's nice to hear from you, congratulations on getting out. You'll have to excuse some of us bitter ones. Were you raised a Witness? Were you able to celebrate your b-day as a child? Become a boyscout? Celebrate holidays like normal children? etc. etc. etc. Or did you have a normal childhood and make the mistake of opening your front door one Saturday morning as an adult and become assimilated?

    Crownboy, I think you're going to be just fine. By the way, since when did witness kids start going to college? When I was growing up you didn't even consider going to college. After all, armageddon was just around the corner, we would all have eternity to get some learnin'. I really would find it hard to believe that very many witness kids would come out of college still believing in the Witness mythology.

    By the way, Stacey told me that there in a gathering at Golden Gate Park this Sunday, is anybody reading this planning on going?

    Thank you all for this board, it's great fun lurking.

  • Englishman


    I too left the dubs - many years ago - after a group book study. We had been reading weird stuff about wheels with eyes in the rims, and like a flash, I suddenly realised that I couldn't devote the rest of my life to a religion that was based partly on some old guys silly dreams.

    Walking home afterwards, I felt a strange sense of excitement. I've still got it!


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Welcome to all you new one's. Steven wish I had had the nerve you and your wife had. Took me a lot longer.
    And as for the pioneers, me too!! I think it is the "strong" one's who eventually have the nerve to go for it!

  • Cassandra

    hi target
    and Simon thanks for the invite. I lurk here regularly but find it hard to get online as I have to be really carefull about who is around. I have posted twice and thanks so much to those who responded especially Freemind who gave me info to download that I have found really helpfull. Thanks to all the rest of you who have the courage to tell your stories and help those of us who are still struggling with our own.
    Love to you all Cassandra

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