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  • loosie

    Ok If any of you do this please please please post the results for all of us to enjoy. So we can live vicariously through your gutsy plan.

    Signed (not out yet just going thru the motions)

  • undercover

    If you really wanna the game, kiss the asses, become an MS, become an elder. Meanwhile record every single meeting, especially elders/CO meetings. Even record conversations with the other elders at other times like in field ministry. There's always juicy stuff being talked about then. A good spy could even kiss the asses enough to become a Circuit Overseer over time. Think of the stuff that could be recorded then. Who knows...maybe an invitation to spend time in Bethel with even bigger wigs. Meanwhile the digital recorder is continously on.

    Then after several years(or after some big scandalous event) walk away and post everything recorded and noted on the Internet for all to see.

  • NeonMadman

    Nah, I've spent enough time in the Kingdom Hall to last me a lifetime. I have considered visiting a Mormon church just to see what it is like, however.

  • Sirona

    I've seriously considered going back to a meeting because after all this time I think my memories of what goes on have become distorted. I'm sure if I did attend I'd quickly be reassured that it is still all a pile of crap. LOL

    I'm not DF or DA so they'd have to talk to me, which would be interesting indeed.


  • CeriseRose

    After running into a JW this weekend (and being ignored), we decided that my not-ever-JW fiancé would go to my old congregation's public talk, get love bombed and then I'd arrive shortly after and he'd say something to the effect of "Have you met my fiancée?"

    Not that he needs it proved, but it would show the marked contrast between how a person gets treated.

    (I doubt we'll do it, way too many other fun things I can think to do on a Sunday...)

  • BrendaCloutier

    Hey, you guys are digging into nightmare territory here. (Not that I disagree with the concept)

    I was having nightmares last year where I was trying to infiltrate myself back into my old congregation. Playing the good witness while going out in field service, but avoiding door-to-door, etc. They were weird!

    That's when I did a net search and found this place, and for the most part those nightmares have gone away, replaced by nightmares of apostfests!

    I have thought of going to a local memorial and partaking, just to see what happens. As if I'd get the chance.

    Nah. I'll just let them go. I don't need the laughs that badly.

  • love2Bworldly

    I think a huge group of us should go together to a congregation where no one knows us and we should have a hidden camera on us. We should record the reactions of the 'brothers' reactions when we tell them we don't agree with the WTS and have been studying their history. Could they kick us out of the meeting? Or would the elders quietly tell us not to speak to anyone??

  • lawrence

    After 10 years without a meeting I decided a few years ago to go to one in a town no one knew me. I sat in the back and didn't make it through 1 session. HAD to go! The scene was too bizarre, and the mad people and talk were from another world. It took a few rounds of doubles to straighten out after THAT!

  • upside/down


    The truth the whole truth and nuthin but da troof!

    So help me GAWD


  • heathen

    I think they also have the policy of marking people as bad association as well so you probly wouldn't go very far . I mean they don't even tell the victim when they are " marked " . I think they pulled that one on me because I was never a j-dub but was being constantly criticized . They really do know how to mess with your head without clueing you in on it .

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