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  • DocHayes

    Has anyone ever thought about going to a meeting just for the hell of it? I mean maybe while out of town, putting on a nice suit. Sitting in the front row, even answering a question. Shoot what about giving a totally apostate answer?

    I've got half a mind to walk into a hall in my crackerjacks, and ask for a home bible study.

  • frankiespeakin

    I think I will do that some day, I'll act like a newly interested person go up to some of the elders shake thier hands tell them what wonderful people the JW are get him to feel all good about me and then raise my hand and give some comments that appear harmless but not according to the party line to make them think, and if ican keep it up for a couple of weeks. If they stop calling on me I could play dumb and make beleive I could be stumbled for being ignored. At least that's the plan some day in the furture.

  • avishai

    Yup, thought about it alot. I think we should all do it .

  • jaffacake

    You've given me an idea. I just started studying with JWs 4 weeks ago and I'm asking some difficult questions, making the elder squirm, but in a superior sort of way.

    If I can resist arguing too much when he is so wrong, I could go all the way and start attending KH meetings. Perhaps I could do some real good from the inside. Hey I'm giving this serious consideration.

  • ChrisVance

    jaffacake, go for it!

  • AlmostAtheist

    I've thought about going to a meeting, both where I'm known to be DF'd and where I'm not. Being DF'd and knowing it doesn't mean a thing to me, it might be fun to see them "shun" me. Like kids playing "cooties".

    Going where I'm not known could be surreal. Getting love-bombed, seeing the heads nodding at every word, finally hearing a talk from the platform with a critical ear. (I haven't attended a meeting since I first decided to leave, so I've not had that experience)

    It would be fun to go when the Watchtower study will be focused on DF'ing, then comment: "I've been disfellowshipped for a few months now, and honestly, it's not that big of a deal. Once you decide that the Bible isn't the word of God anyway, who cares how a 19th century millenialist sect tells its remote-controlled droids to treat you?" Do you think the brother running the sound system could get the mike off in time? Do you think I could maintain my composure long enough to rattle off the whole comment? (I doubt it)

    Or one that focuses on Christendom's buddying up with the world, then comment how many churches enjoy an affiliated NGO status with the UN. Then add, "But then again, I wonder why we condemn those other churches, since the Watchtower was also an affliliated NGO for over a decade."

    The thing holding me back is wasting a perfectly good 12% of a day that could be spent doing ANYTHING else.

    Maybe someday...


  • frankiespeakin

    What If the Legal advice that the Governing Body got to divide up into all those diferent organizations was actually a very clever sceem to take way control from the Governing Body,, and they fell for it hook line and sinker???

    I would like to start a topic for this but have already filled my quota if some one would like to start a thread on this and even quote me here or improve on it that would be ok with me.

  • frankiespeakin

    I think anybody who has been in the legal department at bethel, for just a short time must realize the GB are seriously full of shit. That's why I think either for selfish reasons or just plane disgust,, this or rather it could be plural,, these individuals would play on the fears of the Governing Body to manipulate them to make huge mistakes like all these different organizations.

    Now think about this,,, playing on them in that way must be very easy for someone in legal or some other important department ,, a clever person and perhaps abitious would seaze on that right away. And they would be easily successfull,, all the while making beleive they really felt this was God's organization. They could have the Governing Body like puddy in thier hands.

  • Es

    well done frankie i like the part bout stumbling coz you were ignored heheh es

  • greendawn

    For me if I went back after 18 years it would be to see how people that I never saw for that much time have changed, it will be astonishing to see the then little children now in their 20s perhaps with their own children, or those who were in their 50s now in their 70s.

    Even so I don't think I ever will go.

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