How do the Kigdom Melodies compare to Christendom's Songs?

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  • barry

    Onward Christian Soldiers was my favorite as a kid but with 400 hymns and responsive readings in the hymnbook it took a while to get sung again. Barry

  • what_Truth?

    I think the main difference has to do a lot more with the emphasis that different religions put on their music than the actual songs themselves. Also, I think it has a lot more to do with how music is perceived in a particular culture.

    Case in point, back when I was a dub in the 1980's someome had circulated a cassette of kingdom songs sung accapella by a congregation in Africa. It sounded just as beautiful as any gospel music I have ever heard.

    When you think about it, pretty much everyone listens to music during their day to day activities (at the job, while commuting, at the store etc). The difference is that in many third world nations people can't afford CD players, radios and other music playing devices so they compensate by singing the songs themselves. Nobody compares the singer to the original artist because nobody really knows what the original artist sounds like; or at least they don't have his version of the song pounded into their head 10 times a day.

    Also, in most charasmatic Christian churches the worship emphasis is put on feeling the spirit of God. One of the ways charasmatics do this is to sing Simplistic hymms very loudly for long periods of time. At kingdom halls the worship emphasis is placed on "partaking in accurate knowledge", therefor the singing in most congregations is simply done as a buffer between different parts of the service.

  • HappyDad


    The best Christian music I have heard was the Calvary Chapel Church in East Rochester, NY. If I lived in that area, that would be my church.

    Here in the Pittsburgh area, the two churches with the best music ministry that I have attended are Orchard Hill Community Church and Allegheny Center Alliance Church.

    The church I now attend has more traditional music, but the chorus and solo's are fantastic.

    Compared to the droning kingdom melodies, it is like night and day.

    For home listening, I love the WOW Worship CD's.


  • the_classicist

    If you've ever heard Palestrina, Kingdom Melodies are rubbish compared to him.

  • Satanus

    I like choirs and big pipe organ sound. Yah, a j and a choir - heaven. Compare to that, kinghall sound doesn't even register.


  • freedom96

    I think the Kingdom Melodies suck compared to many of the songs I have heard elsewhere.

  • Dan-O

    They don't hold a candle to christendom's songs. I defy you to stack Kingdumb Melodies up against the collective works of Wierd Al Yankovic.


  • prophecor

    As far as music goes, there are quite a few gospel artist that I like. Yolanda Adams is a favorite gospel voice I like to listen to. I still have a lot of prejudice towards some gospel music, as it's difficult to associate it bringing glory to God as opposed to those I feel are seeking out their own glory. Some of it just borders on grating my nerves, honestly, I however can listen to a lot of contemporary gospel music.

  • purplesofa

    To me there is not much emotion and compassion in The Kingdom Melodies. Some of the lyrics are really corny. They are not timeless. Some of the songs are advertisement for the cause of the Society. I did like Life without end at last. I think it is song 15.

    I was raised in Catholic Church. The music was very different. I used to know some of them and sing them but as hard as I am trying not one is coming to mind right now.

    The whole auroa of Kingdom Melodies is very different. The songs are not identified with any other religion. What I mean is........the Catholic music is identifiable to its religion and it is an old religion. Some songs like Amazing Grace I identify with Baptist religion, but many religions recognize and enjoy it. Kingdom Melodies are only known to JW's and would only be enjoyed by JW's. The words are not "generic"

    I still like how a friend of mine in Australia makes it through the songs.........he sings them in all differnt accents......


  • Narkissos

    "lf there is someone God owes everything to, it's Bach. Without Bach, God would be a character of third-rate importance." (E.M. Cioran)

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