Things you shouldn't have liked as a Witness.......BUT DID!!!

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  • bonnzo

    honesty, you're dead on!! i loved black sabbath!!(still do) and led zeppelin is my all-time fav.

    i liked "wankin", smoking(dope and cigs), drinkin'!! did i say likED? i meant like!!!

  • littlerockguy
    littlerockguy name one thing

  • Dan-O

    As a dub? I didn't get to enjoy didly squat. Well ... MAYBE .. I indulged in a doobie or a beer or two ... but certainly NOT as a GOOD dub. The indulgence came soon after, along with Mrs. Lopez.

  • luna2

    I never did give up my love of sci fi/fantasy novels and murder mysteries..both books and tv. I followed the guidelines for movies for a couple of years, no R-rated smut for me....until a sister and I inadvertantly went to see "Rainman". I think the paper had it rated PG13, but when we got to the theater there was a big R on the marquee. Oh my, oh my! What to do? Actually we didn't stress about it. We went. It was fabulous. That was the last time I let the WTS tell me what I could and couldn't watch. Too bad that attitude didn't filter into other aspects of my life sooner.

  • Sassy

    while a 'faithful dub' I still enjoyed on the regular:


    oral sex

    rated R movies

    association with DFd ones

    and at the end.. sex (outside of marriage)

  • jaffacake

    Not having been a JW I feel left out, so if you don't mind I'll say what I shouldn't have liked as a teenage SDA.

    • I always wanted to have fun on the Sabbath (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday) I used to sneak into my bedroom and listen to my beloved Newcastle United matches live on radio. This was the biggie for me - I hated spending half my weekend not being able to listen to rock & pop music.
    • meat, including bacon and pork.
    • beer

    But at least as an adventist, these things were discouraged, but not banned - no disfellowshipping and stuff - unconditional love.

    • the only things I was happy to deny myself were smoking and seafood
  • minimus

    giving talks

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I enjoyed doing little magic tricks with cards and coins and stuff. I wasn't allowed a magic set so I used to look at books in the library and try and figure out how to do it. I always wondered at what point tricks became demonised sorcery and if I got really good at complicated magic tricks would I get a tap on the shoulder from Satan saying he could show me a better one but I had to sign my soul over to him or something.

  • delilah

    I loved and watched every holiday special there was, but would quickly turn the channel if mom came in the room. I liked to wish friends a happy birthday, and I loved going to the pub with my "worldly" friends. I liked reading "naughty" books and mags, and once got caught with a Playgirl mag when living with a witness family while attending school. That was embarrassing!!!!! ha ha ha ha


  • tweety

    I have to admit that I was involved in dowsing or waterwitching. (I wasn't aware that it was wrong and I honestly didn't understand how the rods moved) At a very early age, I could find water by using rods. Before long, word spread that I could find water and I could tell you how much water was at a certain location. (I could feel the strength when the rods would move and that would determine how much water I found)

    People called me who had difficulty finding water in their area and I would usually do this without anyone around. Until one day a sister asked me to come over to her house to find water. I thought that she wasn't home and apparently she was. Maybe it scared her when she saw me doing this??? or what she saw that day at her house. The rods moved so hard they were bouncing off of me. They felt like they were going to come out of my hands.

    The elders came to me and asked me to stop because this was 'work of the demons'. Not long after that an article came out in the Watchtower about dowsing.

    Still dowsing haa Dee

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