TIME WILL TELL (Did you fake your hours in Field Service?)

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  • candidlynuts

    i didnt lie about my time.. i mean really, Jehovah KNOWS and if you LIE you will hinder his Holy spirit and you'll never progress! i believed that till the service overseer came over to my house to get my time ( i had small children that had been ill) and i just claimed my hour bible study with my kids that your allowed to count, and he told me to put down 10 hours! i said " but i dont have 10 hours!"

    He said well i'm sure you've informal witnessed some and really , if your gonna turn time in and it brings down the congregation average , especially during the time the CO is expected, i'd rather you didnt turn any time at all"

    showed how much my efforts were worth.

  • frankiespeakin

    In the begining I was scrupulous in keeping a record and reporting accurately, as time went on I would just do my best to try and give a good estimate, then as I started to question everything I started to see it as a real control issue and thought 1st century christians didn't have to report thier time why should we.

    I would often reson with elders and nonelders over the need to turn in time anonimously.

    It all designed to give the WT more control over the rank and file,,they can penalize persons for not conforming,,they can keep watch over the whole congregation and treat each individual according to how much time they spend in selling thier books. That is a strong control the WT wields over its members,,by having them give an account to them for how they are spending thier time. I can't beleive I went a long with such control tactics. Boy am I glad I don't have to report to them any more it's pathetic!!!

  • blondie

    I was never scruptulous because everyone had different rules. I counted my time from the time I got in the car to go out and when I walked in my door. I always counted breaks because I did at work.

    The last 2 years, I counted my time on the internet and rounded up, making sure I put down enough time to say off the elder radar.

    I wonder who did the time slips in Timothy's congregation?


  • greendawn

    If I may ask what happens nowadays if someone does only say 3-5 hours per month? I agree with Frankiespeakin that this is a a disgraceful and totally unbiblical action meant to control the cult members in the vital publications selling sector.

  • stopthepain

    i dont know many who didn't.

  • Sparkplug
    dropping mags off at the laundromat to start my time...all the stuff I'd looked at as padding before.

    I had forgotten that. Oh and I had ROBO mom Witness.. She would get us up to be out at 5AM to go witness at the inner city bus station...Yeah Buddy! How unsafe is that?

  • stillajwexelder

    Of course and I still do - I used to feel guilty but noe I get a thrill from helping with a worldwide false report

  • david_10

    When I was pioneering back in the early 70's, pioneers had to get in 100 hours a month and so we learned ALL the tricks. Now, I never actually lied on my report because that would have been stealing from Jehovah. But I became very skilled at manipulating numbers. The most common thing that I did was the Not - At - Home ploy. I had several not - at - homes scattered around and I would always start my time at one before meeting for service. Many times, I would get so desperate for time that I would go back and forth among these houses knowing that I would never have to talk to anybody. I know all the neighbors saw me and it's a wonder nobody ever called the police. I remember the struggle for time would get so fierce that toward the end of the month I would go to the train station and bus station around midnight to pass out magazines, usually by leaving them on a bench. I got to where I would do anything to get that time in. It was the only thing that mattered. Visit someone in the hospital or nursing home? Only if I counted my time. I had several elderly return visits and I would regularly go see them because I knew that they were so lonely they would always let me in and I could stay as long as I wanted and count the time, of course. Love had nothing to do with it. Thinking about it now makes me feel sick and ashamed. And it never dawned on me how fanatical and pointless it was. And all my pioneer partners, (with one exception, but that's another story), were the same way. We all thought that we were being blessed to put ourselves through that torture. After all, 1975 was bearing down on us and we were going to die if we didn't. And it didn't end there. Even after I was off the pioneer rolls, I was an appointed servant up until I left the Organization in 1987 and I had to do pretty much the the same thing, only on not quite as large a scale. My "privileges" were very important to me and I had to keep those hours up. I think back on those times and I just can't believe I did it.

    Sick and ashamed.


  • frankiespeakin


    I know how you feel. I feel that way some times,,but lately my attitude is I was just responding to pressure,,and indoctrination. I have been realizing we all have these buttons that if they get pushed we respond a certain way,,it's all according to many factors which makes us who we are.

  • Sassy

    I always counted time from the minute we left the hall.. not from the minute I walked up to the first door...

    that was all so stupid.. we were ALL there for that purpose..so we were 'on the job' so to speak.. time counted if you asked me..

    cant' remember if I took out beak time.. I probably did that..

    I didn't lie about time if I actually had SOME.. I never worried about quotas.. I just wanted to make sure I at last had one hour to put down...

    if I didn't.. I put down an hour and justified in my head some conversation at work telling someone about going to the hall or something (even if it was 5 minutes and maybe I was complaining about meeting that night).. must have been an hour..

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