What is your favorite Memory?

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  • swiftbreeze

    I hope this has not been a topic lately...

    It was christmas day...and i had went to visit some non-jw relatives i was 15 yrs old...and a group of other kids from the neighborhood had all got together on the block, it was snowing and the snow was so fluffy and pretty, so we all started walking down the street singing x-mas songs (we had sipped some spiked egg nog) everyone exchanged little gifts. We went to different houses visiting and eating. Toward the end of the night we went to my sister's friend house and danced till around 2:00 in the morning..." for the first time in my life i felt free and happy. I wasnt out knocking on doors with the magazines or sitting home waiting for the holidays to end or at some boring gathering playing bible games. I was out...having real fun...i was young and it felt good to be alive.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    one of them is camping out alone on a remote beach in the Queen Charolette Islands in canada for a week, the summer after i graduated from highschool. just me, my tent, books, a fire, salal berries, a flute, orcas and seals.

    thx, that was nice...

  • Leolaia

    Going to Skywalker Ranch, meeting ppl working on the Star Wars film, seeing famous Star Wars and Indiana Jones props....

  • dh

    camping on the top of the cliffs at red river gorge in eastern ky and waking up the next morning to the view.

  • swiftbreeze

    I read a story about a young lady that camped and hiked across america alone. and she said that it was a spritual experience that brought her closer to God and nature

  • whyamihere

    When my First child was put into my arms.

    After 60 hours and 3 hours of pushing, thinking I was going die, and that there was no end to my Labor. There she was! I will never forget it as long as I live. She was nice and Warm. I remember the feeling of how comfortably warm and complete I felt holding her. I never wanted it to end. I could feel her heart beat against mine. She didn't cry. She just looked at me as I looked at her and I felt we knew each other from before. I couldn't believe it. She was mine all mine. I made something so wonderful and beautiful and my heart was filled up with so many different emotions all at one time. I will never forget that memory. When I am having a bad or sad day I pick up my Little Lily and I hold her and all of my pain just goes away.

    That's my favorite Memory.


  • Tatiana

    Spending two months in Altanta with my Uncle Jim and Aunt Jody. Two months of no beatings, and no abuse. Heaven! Plus he had so many science fiction books. And Bill Cosby albums. I was 11 or 12. Got my first high heels. Went to a play. Went to see 2001. He let me stay up till 3am reading or listening to albums. I hated to go home.

    The only other times are when my grandad was alive, and he would take me and my sis on trips that lasted for months each summer. Again, no beatings....no yelling....he treated me like I was loved. We would mine for rubies. Float down rapids. Stop anywhere we felt like. Hike and roast marshmallows. When he died, I was lost.

  • sunny

    I got to ride on the trampoline part of a catamaran from Lahaina Maui to the island of Lania once. I lied down the whole way and enjoyed every single micro second of the trip. My poor friend was totally sea sick and barfing off the side/back of the boat both ways and while I felt sooooo sorry for her I just could not miss this golden oppurtunity. A young girl was a little scared to ride up in front on the tramp, so I talked to her about it and her mom sat right next to her and she lied down for the trip back and I know it will be one of her best memories too.

    I also have given birth to 4 wonderful daughters and those were the best memories also...but the boat trip was magical.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    My favorite memory in my whole life was when I was sending GypseyWildOne off into the sunset on an airplane because I knew that she had a good time at my house and she would take that good time home.


  • GetBusyLiving

    My favorite memory is my nan bringing me as a present a crayola crayon set one week after Christmas when I was 5 years old. I love my nan so much.


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